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Mega Princess #1 Review

Mega Princess #1

BOOM! Studios

Written by Kelly Thompson

Illustrated by Brianne Drouhard

Colored by M. Victoria Robado

Lettered by Warren Montgomery

Review by Nathan Ryan (@Clown_Prince52)

If you are familiar with I Hate Fairyland, then Mega Princess #1 is going to seem like a more sanitized version omega-princess-actual-cover-picf that book. A lot of the sarcasm and good humor is there, but in a way that is also appropriate for younger children.

In the first issue we see Princess Maxine on her 10th birthday. She is busy playing detective and she has a goal of being the best detective in the land. Instead of getting to continue to play, she has to get ready for a horse show with her horse Justine, or as Max calls her, “Jerk Pony”. It’s awesome to see Max build her horse homemade armor out of cardboard and it is evident she is a bright girl with a huge imagination.

Everything gets flipped on its head when Max gets a visit from her fairy godmother. This character is not something out of Cinderella.  Apparently, on a princess’s 10th birthday, they are given a power from their fairy godmother. Max is imbued with the power of every fairy tale princess. This is everything from being able to feel a pea underneath 20 mattresses to singing perfectly. For someone who wants to be a detective, none of this seems to be very cool. However, that is with the exception of being able to talk to animals.

It’s certainly the power to talk to animals that makes this book special. The relationship between Max and “Jerk Pony” takes another step and it is non-stop sarcastic banter. Justine can dish it out just as well as she receives it from Max.

The on-going part of this story comes in when Max’s little brother, “Baby Bobs”, goes missing. Max and Justine are on the case as she uses her new-found powers to help her be the detective that can save the day!

Kelly Thompson has a great track record with a number of books, and this doesn’t disappoint. It is an easy, fun read that is engaging from the opening page. The art is also clean and pops off of the page. It’s the sarcastic non-stop humor and the relationship between Max and Justine that is the driving force of this book.


Buy! This is a fun book that had me laughing out loud on multiple occasions. Mega Princess can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. It is rated 12+ on Comixology but many parents will probably determine this can be enjoyed by children much younger as well. It is $3.99 which is a little higher than I would like to pay, but it is worth it.

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