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‘Arrow: S5E06 So It Begins’ Review

‘Arrow: S5E06 So It Begins’ Review

Review by Nathan Ryan (@Clown_Prince52)

**Spoilers Ahead!!**

Now that Tobias Church is out of the picture, this season seems to be turning things over to Prometheus. The true Big Bad for this season was on full display in this episode from the opening scene. Prometheus lures Green Arrow and Diggle to flaming words on the ground saying “So It Begins.”team-photo

The question is what is actually beginning? Well, in this episode it seems to be the beginning of what is meant to be punishment of Oliver. Prometheus begins going on a serial killer rampage with victims that initially seem to have no connection. It doesn’t take long to determine that the victims have names that are anagrams of people that Oliver killed in the first season. Whoever this person is feels deeply wronged by Oliver. It has also been said that Oliver helped create this person.

At the end of this episode, we are led to believe that Prometheus is actually Quentin Lance. He is still battling his issues with alcohol and is in a significant amount of pain.  After missing an event that Lance helped pull together, we see him drunk in his apart
ment. We also see him with a throwing star and a cut on his forearm. Presumably this is the exact cut that Evelyn was able to tag Prometheus with during
an earlier skirmish.

So, the real question for this season is who is Prometheus? This is similar to last season’s “who’s in the grave?” question.  Lance makes sense. We see the cut and we see his pain. His build makes it a possibility. He has the reasons to want to torment Oliver. It’s somewhat believable that he would have thdolphe physical skills to be Prometheus. Despite those dots, I don’t believe they will connect. This feels like another classic fake out from these show runners. We will see.

We do get our first look in the flashbacks as Dolph Lundgren as Kovar. While Lundgren is hardly known for his acting range, he plays this role very effectively. This character combined with the Bratva and Anatoly has made the flashbacks very entertaining.


Ratings Update

According to, it was a very good week in the ratings for Arrow. It scored a .70 in the 18-49 demo and 1.946 for total viewers. These are increases of roughly 17% and 21% from last week. Additionally, those numbers make it the most watched episode for the season. It is now for the moment firmly entrenched as the CW’s third highest rated show below The Flash and Supergirl and just ahead of Supernatural.


  • The opening scene, with Prometheus sending a message “So It Begins” lit on the ground in fire.
  • I probably don’t give him enough love since he is in the flashbacks, but every time he is in a scene he steals it.
  • Seeing Thea and Oliver put together an Arts and Music Festival. This seems just like the SJW Ollie we would see in the comics.
  • The archery trickery in this episode. We saw Green Arrow shooting an arrow into a barrel of a gun. We also saw a parachute arrow and a return to Ollie shooting tennis balls into the wall. Never gets old.


  • The reveal of Lance potentially being Prometheus. I think it is early to think that is true, but certainly we saw things in this episode that makes it possible.
  • Ragman’s voice. Can anyone understand what he is saying?
  • The recruits being so whiny all of the time.

Quote of the Week

“You play, what is American term, ‘Douche’, very well.”

Nathan has been a passionate comics fan from an early age, with a special affinity towards Batman. A combination of career and young family caused the hobby to fade into the ether for a longer period of time than he would care to admit. However, as his…

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