Avengers #1 Review

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Mike del Mundo
Color Artists: Mike del Mundo with Marco D’alfonso
Letters: VC’s Cory Petit

The Avengers have some new members with this new run from Mark Waid. This iteration of the team consists of Wasp (Nadia Pym), Thor (Jane Foster), Hercules, Captain America (Sam Wilson), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), and Vision. The team is working with what they have in the aftermath of Civil War II.

Avengers #1
Avengers #1

The main conflict in this issue is one between Vision and Kang The Conqueror and a Centurion. They want to know where a child is, and it becomes clearer what happened as the issue goes on. This leads to the Avengers assembling and being thrown into the middle of a problem they weren’t aware of. The first issue is a little rocky as far as being a good jumping on point. If you haven’t kept up, it will be a tad confusing, but you should be able to piece some stuff together.

Mark Waid is an excellent writer and he does a great job with the script on this. Spider-Man/Peter Parker still has his little quirks and he happens to be in a bit of a spotlight this issue. With the lack of resources that the Avengers have, Peter offers up some of his space and wants to fund the team now that Tony Stark’s checkbook is no longer available. Without following along prior to this, it’s hard to say what exactly happened, but whatever it was, it doesn’t end well.

Mike del Mundo has a hand in the art for both drawing and coloring. It’s not the typical coloring style we see, but the art itself is enjoyable. Just because I may not enjoy the coloring style as much doesn’t mean others won’t enjoy it. It just doesn’t make the art pop as much. On another note, the letter is consistent with Thor having a different style than the rest of the characters. In the end, this comes across as just fine art. It’s nothing to write home about and nothing to scoff at.

Verdict: Check it out. This is an interesting group of characters to have as a team and that is the main reason to follow along. What will the Avengers do with their new home base? Will we see appearances from former Avengers? There are a lot of possibilities with this fresh start.

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