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The TALKING COMICS Review Round-Up – October 24th, 2016

The TALKING COMICS Review Round-Up

Every week, the Talking Comics collective posts a mega-list of the comics they’re most excited to pull off the shelves that week. Check back here to see if the comics on the Pull List met the team’s expectations with reviews and quippy quotables!!! Click the links to go to full reviews and reflections!!!

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This week’s contributors:

And lovingly edited by Joey Braccino (@joeybraccino)

New Comic Book Day – October 19th, 2016



Batman #9 -Tom King & Mikel Janin

  • Check it out. I had honestly given up on this series, but decided to see what the new arc would look like. I’m glad I did. This issue takes place mostly in Arkham Asylum, as Batman recruits a team for his upcoming mission against Bane. – Vivek
  • Check it out. The first issue of the new arc was certainly an improvement. The new Suicide team that Batman is putting together has a lot of promise to be extremely entertaining. And…..Catwoman! Nathan

1567182_xlCave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #1 – Gerard Way & Jonathan Rivera and Michael Avon Oeming

  • Wait and See. The issue is an interesting start, but it lacks the grip that other DC’s Young Animal Imprints have generated. It’s a comic that is true to the imprint, but its execution proves to be a good comic in the company of great ones. I’d recommended waiting to see if it paces the  plot a little more evenly and even picking up its second issue to see how it improves. The writing is promising and the art is a gorgeous and  great companion. If it finds its footing with this premise, the comic will surely be another hit for the new imprint. – Hernan

[Editor’s Note: For Hernan’s full review, click here!!!]

Nightwing #7 – Tim Seeley & Javi Fernandez

  • Buy. Since the Rebirth relaunch I have been loving what they have been doing with Nightwing/Dick Grayson. Here we get to dig deeper into the relationship with Raptor, and find out that their past isn’t as different as it may have seemed. This next arc should shed even more light on Dick Graysons past. -Greg
  • Buy. Raptor has been a fascinating character in Nightwing so far and this issue mostly focuses on why he’s such an interesting foil for Dick Grayson. While I’m still a bit confused at all the organizations running around in the background (Kobra, the Parliment of Owls, Spyral), the Raptor/Nightwing dynamic is keeping me coming back for the next issue to see how this relationship continues to show different sides of each character. -John D.
  • Buy. This might have been the best DC book of the week. I was skeptical that the Raptor character was going to have much depth when he was first introduced, but I have been pleasantly surprised. -Nathan

Trinity #2 – Francis Manapul

  • Buy. It’s not too late to jump on this book beautifully written, drawn, and colored by Francis Manapul. Perhaps because it’s all put together by one creator, the story-telling is seamless and poignant. -Vivek


Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 – Mike Johnson & Tony Shasteen

  • Buy.  Star Trek : Boldly Go is a brand new adventure set after the most recent film. Well executed and engaging from the jump, Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 promises to take the spirit and energy of the new franchise (and the super sexy cast) and translate it to comics. IDW is all over this franchise, and they’re putting out great stuff on the imprint. Check it! – Joey


A-Force #10 -Kelly Thompson & Paulo Siquiera and Joe Bennett

  • This marks the end of A-Force, and that is something that makes me quite sad, as Kelly Thompson (with G. Willow Wilson early on) had crafted a book that held more of the “Avengers spirit” than any of the titles bearing that name. Be prepared to cheer, but I can also promise that you’ll feel a tug at your heart-strings, too.–Bob

Black Panther #7 – Ta-Nehisi Coates & Chris Sprouse

  • Check it out. Despite the action in this issue, it’s clear that Ta-Nehisi Coates is building this story at a more deliberate pace than your typical superhero book. Between the political machinations and Shuri’s journey on the spiritual plane, Coates is telling the story on his own terms. That may not be for everyone. – Vivek

Captain America: Sam Wilson #14 – Nick Spencer & Paul Ranaud

  • On the fence. A hostage rescue led by Sam and Steve doesn’t seem to go according to plan. I’m not sure I can hang with the direction they are taking Steve Rogers’ character. I’m hoping the following issues bring the focus more back to Sam.  – Vivek

The Mighty Thor #12 – Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman

  • Check it out. If you haven’t been keeping up on Thor, this is a good single-issue about the origins of the magic hammer. Regular readers may be disappointed that there isn’t more, as they add one more small piece to the puzzle of Aaron’s ongoing Thor story. – Vivek

[Editor’s Note: Check out Vivek’s full review!]

unnamed-6Mockingbird #8– Chelsea Cain & Kate Niemczyk

  •       A wonderfully bizarre finale that held up the quirky spirit of this gone-too-soon title. Kudos to the creative team for their talents, and Marvel editorial for taking the leap of faith, as their combined efforts brought forth something quite lovely!-Bob
  • Buy, and grab the rest if you haven’t been reading. As Bob said this is a wonderful end to the series. We get to see Bobbi tying up several loose ends from the series and from her personal life. The Easter eggs in the art continue to provide even more fun while you read it a second and third time. Finally the letter from Chelsea Cain on the last page to readers makes me hope that this will not be the last series that she writes.


And that’s our Pull List for this week!!! If you happen to pick up any of these books, please join the conversation here or on twitter and let us know what you think! As we update the site with reviews and verdicts on these comics, we’d love to include your input!


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