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Supergirl #2 Review

Supergirl #2 Review

Written by Steve Orlando

Artist by Brian Chingsg-cv2-ds

Colours by Mike Ativek

Letters by Steve Wands

Reviewed by Lorna Maltman (

What to do when a robot claims to be your long departed dad? A. Don’t believe him, then get into a fight B. Question him C. Accept it, join arms and ride off into the sunset.  This could only be a comic book conundrum (I haven’t seen any robot fathers recently, personally), and it is the situation Supergirl finds herself in issue two.

Supergirl #2 carries on the character building, but it is really an explanation issue, especially for those who haven’t read the new 52 Supergirl. Orlando reveals why Zor-El is Cyborg Superman and he also shows that he understands Supergirl’s character –  my favourite moment of the issue is when she goes to the person she captured to talk to him. Cat Grant feels like she is pulled out of the television show ( that is a big compliment if you have seen it)  – she has all the snark, but also can pull off a heartfelt moment. The start of the issue does go with what I previously stated to be the A option which is the usual choice for any form of story (what kind of story is it if it doesn’t have conflict, guys!).

Brain Ching’s art is consistent and fits the story, capturing some poignant moments, especially in the flashback sequence. Even if some of the characters have no mouths in some scenes which left me looking like a confused wombat.


Give it a shot. This isn’t a stellar issue but it is a solid issue. The start scene brought back shades of the classic Star Wars ‘I am your father’ scene but was too dragged out for a real punch. However, the characters are being building into something that could be quite special.



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