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‘Legends of Tomorrow: S2E01 Out of Time’ Review

‘Legends of Tomorrow: S2E01 Out of Time’ Review

Review by Nathan Ryan (@Clown_Prince52)

**Spoilers Ahead!!**

“I love roasting Nazis!”

The first episode of the new season kicked off this past week with a fresh start. The first season had its moments, but it also struggled with a convoluted storyline. Perhaps its biggest issue was trying to find a way to balance out the screen time of all the characters. Will the second season be able to correct many of these flaws from the first season?

The answer to that question is going to take awhile to answer. There are a lot of reasons to be excited. Those same reasons for excitement are actually the same reasons to be concerned. However, for one episode at least, this was a really fun time.oliver-and-mick
The story gets kicked off with new character Dr. Nate Heywood seeking out Oliver Queen for help as he had evidence that the Legends were in trouble. After finding the remnants of the Waverider submerged in the Atlantic Ocean, they find Mick preserved in Stasis. Once they were able to revive him, they learned that the team had went back to 1942 to stop New York City from being blown up by Nazis. In order to do this, they needed to kidnap Albert Einstein so that the Nazis wouldn’t have the technology to do so. This despite the fact that Rex Tyler at the very end of Season 1 warned them not to go back to that time.

While in the process of trying to accomplish their mission, we learn that Sara had a mission of her own. Find and kill Damien Darhk, so that he never has the opportunity to kill Laurel in the future. We have some very good scenes with Sara and Ray throughout this process as he ends up shadowing her to ensure she doesn’t do anything too stupid. This also causes some in-team quarreling that was pulled off to thesara tune of uncomfortable.

When all was said and done, we find that Darhk got away, but the team was able to save the day in the process. Unfortunately, that required the team to use the Waverider to absorb the explosion that was to hit New York. Rip was able to disperse everyone else on the team throughout time to save them, with the exception of Mick due to injury. Instead, he put him in Stasis.

Dr. Heywood is able to figure this out in the present and he travels in time with Mick to recover the rest of the team throughout time. This was a rather amusing set of events. When the team is back together, they learn that there is no trace of Rip throughout time, and is presumably dead. It will be interesting if that is true or stays true, but it paves the way in the short term for Dr. Heywood to be a part of the team.

That is essentially the end of the episode, until we see at the very end the Legends confronted by the Justice Society of America, which is also the title of episode 2. It was exciting to see on screen.  We also got a taste of the other side of the coin, which is apparently going to be a version of the Legion of Doom. After defeat, we saw that Darhk is teamed up with Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne. Apparently we will also see Captain Cold and Malcom Merlyn in the ragtag group, which again sounds like a lot of fun.

So, that is the reason to be excited and nervous simultaneously. This episode was packed with fun and promise. To have that group of villains along with the JSA on the other side of the coin paired with the Legends is a whole lot of goodness. However, this season will live or die on if they can find a proper balance and keep the whole thing from becoming a convoluted mess.


  • How fun this episode was. The tone was great and the jokes were delightfully corny.
  • Seeing the show fully embrace Sara’s sexuality in a way that is fun to watch. More importantly, it seems organic and not forced.
  • James Bond Rip Hunter.
  • Ray getting chased by a T-Rex.
  • Sara almost getting burned at the stake in Salem for being a witch.
  • That last shot of the Justice Society of America


  • Oliver “not having the time to time travel”. Why else have him on? One time travel trip would have been fun. Wasted opportunity.
  • They tried to pull it off in a clever and interesting way, the landing just didn’t stick.

Quote of the Week

“Shut your mouth Jax or I’ll cut your eyes out and feed them to you.” Sara Lance.


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