WE’RE BACK! Season 3 of Shoot, Quick! begins here (Supergirl S2 E1, Flash S3 E1 + E2, Arrow S5 E1 + E2, Legends S2 E1)


Season 3 Episode 1 – 

Supergirl S2 E1, Flash S3 E1 + E2, Arrow S5 E1 + E2, Legends S2 E1

Welcome Back “Quick Shooters” to the third season of your favorite fan discussion of all things BerlanTVerse™ 
This episode we will discuss all the good (Superman!) the bad (Time travel) and the interesting (History Detective!?)
Supergirl – Someone gets a visit from their favorite person (hint: it’s Winn)
Flash – Just when you thought it was safe to travel through time Barry proves he is the real villain of his show! 
Arrow – Can they redeem themselves after two real rough seasons? (hint: they just might do it)
Legends – Continues to surprise with every turn! Including a great Oliver cameo. We also get some historic “Serbian Heritage Moments™” brought to you by Nevena.
It’s everything we love and all the things that drive us Crazy about these shows. It’s Shoot, Quick! 
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The Shoot, Quick! Team

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