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Hellboy and the B.P.R.D #1: Black Sun (1 of 2)




Letters by CLEM ROBINS

Review by Hernan Guarderas

A creature has killed and injured members of the Arctic Research Laboratory. A classic “monster of the week” mystery platforms the crossover event Black Sun, issue 1 of a 2 part story, featuring Hellboy and the BPRD’s combined investigation. Cryptozoologist Woodrow Farrier and Hellboy land in February 1954 conducting interviews of the crew and surveying the land surrounding the station.

Cover Art by Mike Huddleston
Cover Art by Mike Huddleston

Mignola and Roberson’s seasoned characterization of Hellboy and Farrier’s lack of experience are written out in confident and charming dialogue between the two characters. Their relationship is fresh, but from the first few pages establishes a big brother/little brother dynamic between the Hellboy and Farrier.  Hellboy is there to protect Farrier from any further potential harm from occurring as the investigation goes on.

The coloring by Dave Stewart illustrates the lighting between the light of the station and the darkness outside well. It adds a richness of texture to Stephen Green’s ominous art add a sense of horror to  a supernatural story. The two come together beautifully when Hellboy and Farrier encounter the creature in a dynamic mix of detailed yet swift action. They obscure the background and creature, focusing heavily on the fight between the creature and Hellboy in a big reveal.

The story then spirals into Hellboy’s greater mythology dealing with one of his most malicious enemies. It ends with the mystery of a single creature on the Arctic which was the symptom of a larger truth. Something sinister has flourished and when Hellboy gets dropped right back into the middle of it he reacts accordingly. He’s in disbelief and isolated, but the BPRD can’t be far behind.


Buy! It’s a gorgeous book and the story is exciting, funny, and mysterious. The reader gets an answer of substance for the smaller mystery that introduces us to this larger plot. It’s charming characters are very much like the X-Files or Fringe and if you are  looking for a satisfying sci-fi/paranormal book then hop on this one. It’s a two-parter, so your investment doesn’t have to go that far and it’s a good place to start if you’ve never read Hellboy or the BPRD.

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