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Lady Killer 2 #2 Review

Lady Killer 2 #2

Written and drawn by Joelle Jones

Colors by Michelle Madsenlady-killer-2-2


Review by Matthew Iung

After relieving our anxieties from the last issue Lady Killer picks up speed as Josie begins to integrate into her new environment.  Issue one opened big and no doubt grabbed new readers and reminded returning fans why they love this book. Joelle Jones uses this issue to changes gears while still keeping the momentum from the events of issue one.

Throughout this issue Josie encounters offers of help and services from less than trustworthy people. For the most part they are pretty good deals and up front don’t seem to come with any strings attached. However as the issue goes on it’s not hard to start to wonder what it is that these men really want. Both are in fact untrustworthy regardless of personal history and Josie struggles with making a decision for as long as she can. Noting about the situation she’s gotten herself in is getting any easier and at one point she even comments on how rapidly things are moving.

Jones is an amazing writer but she is also a brilliant visual storyteller. This is best seen when Josie answers the call of a mysterious letter. The encounter takes place in a bingo hall that has gorgeous stain glass windows that run end to end on its long walls. Each one (as seen on the left) is a depiction of Jesus speaking to a figure that is more likely than not the Devil. Josie and her new acquaintance go back and forth about reputation and the opportunities that he could provide for her. All the while those stain glass windows are in nearly every shot really driving home this feeling of coercion and temptation. In the end Josie decides that she is going to use everything she can get her hands on to build something for herself and her family in their new home.

Interestingly enough this issue doesn’t end on any kind of suspenseful cliffhanger. It takes everything that preceded it in the issue and just leaves you with the room to process and wonder. Even though the motivations of the people around Josie are unclear things are good. Weather they stay that way for long is unclear all we know for certain is that things will continue to be more than meets the eye when it comes to Josie Schuller.

Verdict Buy. It’s still early in the run and this is a series that is well worth picking up each month. With beautiful art and a killer story what more could you ask for?

Matthew Iung is an English major at Concordia University in St. Paul, MN, and he serves as an Editorial Assistant for the Los Angeles Review of Books. His publications have appeared in Concordia's newspaper The Sword as well as DM du Jour. Matthew is…

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