Demonic #1 Review

Demonic #1

Writer: Christopher Sebela

Artist: Niko Walter

Colorist: Dan Brown

Letterer: Sal Cipriano

Review by Deanna Chapman

“Don’t answer. I already know.” 

Image Comics
Demonic #1

Demonic is a new series from Image. The main character is Detective Scott Graves, who interacts with demons that no one else can apparently see. The series takes place in New York and deal with the worst of the worst criminals. All the while, Detective Graves is dealing with something much deeper inside him. He seems to interact with very few people, just his wife, daughter and partner really. There’s a good chance there’s still a lot to learn about him, though.

Sometimes not being familiar with a creative team is a downside, but this comics never felt that way. The art and colors were extremely well done. They fit the tone of the book and were the main focus as reading through this. The faces are clear when it’s necessary and hidden in the shadows when it’s called for. For a book having to do with crime and demons, shadows are to be expected. The way Dan Brown contrasts the two with the coloring is fantastic. Niko Walter does an excellent job with facial details. A prime example is when Aeshma meets Scott Graves outside of the hospital and grabs his hands. The pained look on his face practically makes you feel that pain.

The writing by Christopher Sebela mostly felt best when Scott was interacting with the demons as opposed to, say, his wife. It could have been a bit better, but it’s not the biggest downside to the book. That would be the fact that it’s a bit confusing. There are questions are to be had with this issue. Who is Novo? Why does Scott’s wife not want to talk about it? Novo seems like such an important piece to the puzzle, yet we have absolutely no clue what they have to do with any of this. If it’s possible to enjoy something and be confused by it at the same time, that was how this felt.


Wait and see. I was leaning towards buy on this, because crime and horror go so well together, but the confusion led to this decision. If you are into a comic that really wants to make you think, as crime in general tends to do, keep an eye out for the next few issues. Maybe things will start to come together.


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