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The TALKING COMICS Pull List – August 3rd, 2016


Every Wednesday, the Talking Comics collective will post a mega-list of the comics they’re most excited to pull off the shelves that week. With the wide range of personal tastes on our staff here, you know there’s bound to be something worth sampling come New Comic Book Day!!!

Then, check back here on Sunday to see if the comics on the Pull List met the team’s expectations with reviews and quippy quotables!!!

This week’s contributors:

  • John!
  • Huw!
  • Bob!

And lovingly edited by Joey Braccino (@joeybraccino)

New Comic Book Day – August 3rd, 2016



Aftershock Comics
Animosity #1

Animosity #1 – By Marguerite Bennett & Rafael de Latorre

  • Marguerite Bennett has proven she’s a name worth getting excited over, and seeing her on a book about rabid animals is just too good to pass up. –John D.


Ladykiller 2 #1 – By Joelle Jones

  • I’ve already pre-reviewed this amazing issue, and I can hardly wait to pick up the actual comic for a re-read!–Bob
Dark Horse Comics
Ladykiller 2 #1

[Editor’s note: In case you missed that link, here’s Bob’s advance review of Ladykiller 2!!!]


Harley Quinn #1 – By Amanda Conner & Chad Hardin

  • Let’s face it–Harley Quinn’s stock is about to get even higher than it already was. A fan favorite since long before Conner & Palmiotti’s acclaimed run from the last few years, this relaunch in the Rebirth era hopefully maintains that bright spirit and takes the book and the character into this new, Post-Suicide Squad era! – Joey

Suicide Squad REBIRTH – By Rob Williams & Phillip Tan

  • The hype around the Suicide Squad film has got me, ladies and gentlemen. Not to mention DC made a smart move releasing a free version of April’s Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad One-Shot into stores last week. I read it and it got me at least interested enough to try this Rebirth issue out. Suicide Squad has never been a book I stuck with longterm, but if the writing is good and knowing Jim Lee is drawing at least most of the series (for now) could change that. –John D.

Batman #4 by Tom King & David Finch

  • This issue could well be the last chance saloon for this title as far as it being on my pull list goes. So far it’s been more hit than miss and as much as I hate to say it, I’m seriously considering dropping a Batman title for the first time ever. – Huw


Kill or Be Killed #1 – By Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips & Elizabeth Breitweiser 

Image Comics
Kill or be Killed #1
  • Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are once again collaborating on a project for Image Comics, so you know that’s a book that’s definitely going to be on a lot of reader’s radar, and for good reason. This one is about a man forced to kill bad people. I don’t know anything beyond that but you know what? I’m in. –John D.
  • Brubaker and Phillips working together again on a new title with a pretty damn cool sounding premise. Need I say more?! – Huw
  • I need this. RIGHT. NOW. – Joey


Marvel Comics
Marvel Tsum Tsum #1

Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 – By Jacob Chabot

  • Unbearably adorable. Like. Unbearably. Interest piqued. – Joey


And that’s our Pull List for this week!!! If you happen to pick up any of these books, please join the conversation here or on twitter and let us know what you think! As we update the site with reviews and verdicts on these comics, we’d love to include your input!


Joey Braccino took his BA in English and turned it into an Ed.M. in English Education. Currently, he brings comics back in a big way all day every day to the classroom. In addition to proselytizing the good word of comics to this nation’s under-aged…

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