Top Shelf Comic Book Club Episode #1: Black Magick Vol. 1

Top Shelf Comic Book Club Episode #1 Black Magick Vol. 1

Black Magick Vol. 1: Awakening

Written by Greg Rucka

Art by Nicola Scott

Color Assists by Chiara Arena

Letters by Jodi Wynne


Top Shelf Comic Book Club Episode #1: Black Magick Vol. 1

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Greetings friends, and welcome to Top Shelf, a comic book podcast featuring members and friends of Talking Comics! As you can already see, this month’s book is Black Magick Vol. 1: Awakening. This Gothic Noir Supernatural Crime Drama is packed with shady characters, spells from every corner of the mystical arts, and a murder mystery that ties it all together. We’ll explore the whole book top to bottom to the best of our ability, and have fun while doing it!


Podcast Contributors This Episode:

Bob Reyer –

Melissa Megan@LissaPunch

Bronwyn Kelly – @shinybabyb

Steve Seigh – @dead_anchoress


2 thoughts on “Top Shelf Comic Book Club Episode #1: Black Magick Vol. 1

  1. Good first episode!

    I wonder if there is more to the “german/french speaking”-part, but I don’t think so.

    From my understanding: The woman in the beginning of the scene ONLY speaks german, that’s why the blonde guy answers with really short and basic german sentences. He probably knows SOME german since he’s getting around a lot.

    He also doesn’t react to the woman’s deeper more complicated topics she’s bringing up in german. That could mean he can’t follow her german that well or he just doesnt give a shit about her religious view 😉

    (I’m german by the way, so that scene was a cool read for me :D)

    When he’s getting into the REAL conversation with the other guy he feel would more comfortable speaking french, so the agree to switch to englisch with which they are both comfortable with.

    1. Update: Nevermind, just re-read it 😀
      The woman is speaking broken german herself (using wrong articles and stuff).

      Sorry for a rushed first assumption 😉 What a great book!

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