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Legendary Runs Episode Twelve: Dwayne McDuffie and M.D. Bright’s Icon

We couldn’t be happier that we chose to do an episode on this. What started as a simple curiosity turned into an exploration of one of the rocket_milestonemore underappreciated comic imprints ever and at the center of it, is Icon. This series is one part superhero comic, one part commentary and one part satire. On the surface it is easy to see how many people have dismissed this series as a relic of the nineties, with its polybag and its flashy art and design, but at its heart is a comic with a timeless message. We really hope if you’ve dismissed this series in the past or haven’t yet heard of it, that you will give us a listen.

Check out our companion article here.

Watch our unwrapping video here.

Check out interviews with Dwayne McDuffie and various other Milestone creators from Dr. Jonathan Gayles’ documentary White Scripts and Black Superheroes: Black Masculinities in Comic Books here.

You can listen to our episode here.

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Intro song: Express Yourself by N.W.A.
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