Shoot, Quick! Episode 24 (Flash Finale, Arrow Finale)


Listen to Ollie! 

He has some very important stuff to say!

So here we are again, Quick-Shooters™. Once more we find ourselves at the end of our respective seasons of DCTV. We had some very good moments, others very bad. But a great time spent discussing with friends none the less.

First up is the finale of The Flash!

Listen, I don’t want to spoil it too much for you but…


We’re interested in Season 3. We still don’t care for how they explain their time travel and multiverse but we’re excited to see how this all plays out!

And in the finale of Arrow…

Well, We didn’t care for it. But, I guess that’s a reason to listen anyway. Hear us talk about how much we actually WANT to love Arrow. It’s just that the current direction hit us in a way that didn’t work for us. Maybe Season 5 will be better. Maybe The Flash will have an effect? Who knows. What we really know is that writing for TV is hard. And you can never please anyone. So even after ALL the complaining and critique we’re still happy that Oliver Queen and Co. HAVE a TV show.

So thank you, listeners, for joining us for the past seasons of the BerlanTVerse! And we will see you next Season!

Fear not! We will return soon with more QUICK-SHOTS! about all sorts of other things we love! And we want YOUR requests! So, if you want a subject or movie or show covered this summer on one of our Quick-Shots just email us at…


See you soon,

Keith, Paola, Nevena & Floyd

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