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The TALKING COMICS Pull List – May 25th, 2016


Every Wednesday, the Talking Comics collective will post a mega-list of the comics they’re most excited to pull off the shelves that week. With the wide range of personal tastes on our staff here, you know there’s bound to be something worth sampling come New Comic Book Day!!!

Then, check back here on Thursday and Friday to see if the comics on the Pull List met the team’s expectations with reviews and quippy quotables!!!


New Comic Book Day – May 25th, 2016



Batgirl #52 – By Brenden Fletcher & Eleanor Carlini 

Batgirl #52
Batgirl #52
  • For many people, Batgirl ended two issues ago when the team that helped reignite Barbara Gordon gave us their swan song. However, as someone that is still unsure whether or not he’s going to be picking up the new Batgirl post-Rebirth, I’ll be interested to see what (or if) anything gets set up here to entice me to make that plunge. The previous issue had some potential, but who knows whether or not this issue will attempt to tie-up all loose ends or if it will lead the way for the next stage in the Batgirl of Burnside’s life. –John D.

DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1 – By Geoff Johns & Gary Frank/Ethan Van Sciver/Phil Jimenez/Ivan Reis 

DC Universe Rebirth #1
DC Universe Rebirth #1
  • Beware! The final moments of this issue is already floating around out there on the Interwebs, but the good news is those who have been spoiled are apparently floored by what they’ve read. That just excites me more to be honest. I know a lot of people are going to look down on yet another relaunch from another publisher, but if DC can deliver an interesting hook within the 75-plus pages of Rebirth #1, they might have something beyond just another “event” meant to sell books. Not to mention this book can be yours for the low, low, low asking price of $2.99! At the very least you should take the chance to support comics being this price. –John D.
  • The Internet has been abuzz with talk of this issue for the last few days. Early review copies were sent out, details leaked (which I avoided like the plague!) and I waited to see what the reaction was I was always going to read this, but the positive reaction and numerous mentions of this taking DC in a bold, brighter direction really have me really excited to see what it and the future holds for their books. Fingers crossed the hype isn’t misplaced and as John said, the cover price of $2.99 for an 80 page book makes this great value for money. – Huw

Secret Six #14– By Gail Simone & Tom Derenick

  • FINAL ISSUE! This casualty of the “DC Rebirth” is hitting me harder as I get closer to actually having the book in hand, especially considering that at the outset it took me an issue-or-two to be won over. As with The Movement, Ms. Simone has brought forth a staggeringly diverse cast of characters who overcome adversity with heart and humour, and in the process, create their own family dynamic. I anticipate a most emotional finale.–Bob 

    THE BATS!?!?!
    THE BATS!?!?!


Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas #1 Adapted by Troy Little from the book by Hunter S. Thompson 



Captain Marvel #5
Captain Marvel #5

Captain Marvel #5 – By Tara Guggenheim, Felipe Smith & Kris Anka

  • I keep plugging away with this title hoping it fully clicks with me at some point. That’s not to say it isn’t good, it’s doing what it’s doing very well and it’s a fun read. I’m just not sure I can get used to Carol in this setting and her change in attitude, which looks like being pushed further in this direction by Civil War II. I do really enjoy her interactions with the crew of the Alpha Flight, however, and it does make for some pretty amusing moments. I’m sad to say I may well drop off this book once it starts tying into Civil War II. – Huw
Captain America: Steve Rogers #1
Captain America: Steve Rogers #1

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 – By Nick Spencer & Jesus Saiz

  • I’ve been digging Spencer’s take on Sam Wilson as Cap over the last few months, so I’m intrigued to see what he has in store now that Steve Rogers is also sporting the title and shield. The rumor mill is already buzzing about what happens in this book; I think I’ll just see for myself what Marvel has in store for the original Captain America! – Joey

Doctor Strange #8 by Jason Aaron & Chris Bachalo

  • The war for magic continues with things looking ever more dire for Doctor Strange. I’m thoroughly enjoying this book right now, I took a chance on it when it first started (I remember reading #1 vividly because I was in NY at the time!) and it’s become a title I really look forward to.The scale of the story it’s telling so far is huge and things do look bleak. But I really like how lighter moments are thrown it so it’s not all doom and gloom. Judging from the synopsis all of Doctor Strange’s magic is gone, I’m intrigued to found out how he’ll turn the tables and get on the path to saving magic. Should be a fun read! – Huw


And that’s our Pull List for this week!!! If you happen to pick up any of these books, please join the conversation here or on twitter and let us know what you think! As we update the site with reviews and verdicts on these comics, we’d love to include your input!


Joey Braccino took his BA in English and turned it into an Ed.M. in English Education. Currently, he brings comics back in a big way all day every day to the classroom. In addition to proselytizing the good word of comics to this nation’s under-aged…

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