Broken Thumbsticks Episode 5: Return of The Guys

Broken Thumbsticks Episode 5: Return of The Guys

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We’re back!  The Guys and I sit down to catch up on what we’ve been doing, what we’ve been playing and who needs to be made fun of the most.  (Spoilers: it’s Andy)  We’re a group who plays games together but cant seem to find a game to play as a group. This is problematic, to say the least.  We chat about that and go wildly off topic as always.  Also, now with 90 percent less Summoners War!  This is Broken Thumbsticks episode 5, welcome to the real Dark Zone.

Thanks for sticking with us so far!  We’re a different type of show and we realize that. Your feedback is important to us, so let us know what you think of the show!

Reach us at Brokenthumbstickspodcast@gmail.com with anything on your mind.  Parenting tips for Lazz welcome and needed.

Twitter- @brokenthumbstx

Bob- @Melfesto
Johhny- @Lostwithpurpose
Justin- @Joroak
Lazz- @Soko_Amaretto
Mark- @UrsusFidelis
Mike- @Mikeinglese94
Nick- @Thenickjp

Alan and Eric are old and don’t believe in Twitter but they say hey!


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