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Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week 04/27/16

Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week 04/27/16

Hey, thanks for checking out Talking Comics: Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week!

You’ve got to admit, New Comic Book Release Day is pretty much the best day of the week. It’s the day we’re introduced to new worlds, are able to witness the next chapter in a continuing saga, or fall in love with a character or creator for the first time. I could go on and on, but I think you’ve already gotten my point. That point being … comics are awesome. So awesome in fact that even the covers of them are often times incredible works of art. We’re here to show you some of our  favorite covers each week! So go ahead and take a few moments for yourself (haven’t you earned it?) and feast your eyes on some truly inspired comic book covers!


Steve Seigh’s Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art and Cover by Tyler Boss


Sometimes, all you need is a neat 1960s-style cover to catch my eye. This minimalist cover reminds me of a promo you’d see to advertise a community drive-in film event. I dig it.

Creepy Comics #23

Written by Rachel Deering – Jai Nitz

Art by Joshua Boulet – Various


What a hauntingly gorgeous cover, though I’d be a runaway groom if I saw this lovely lady walking down the aisle.

Batman #51

Written by Scott Snyder

Art and Cover by Greg Capullo – Danny Miki


What a gorgeous cover! I love the way Batman’s cape is cradling Gotham City. It really conveys the idea that Batman IS Gotham.

Carnage #7

Written by Gerry Conway

Art by Mike Perkins

Cover by Mike Del Mundo


All hail King Carnage! Also, is it me or is this totally a send-up to the Iron Throne? Cue the Game of Symbiotes theme!

Doctor Strange #7

Written by Jason Aaron

Art and Cover by Mike Bachalo – Tim Townsend



“Nom nom nom …” I wonder what magic tastes like? I would imagine that it’s the most delicious flavor in the world, but who knows? For all I know, magic tastes different in every demension. With my luck, I’ll be served up magic from some bizarre fish-related world. Gross.

Bob Reyer’s Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week


Writer: Brendan Fletcher
Artist: Eleonora Carlini
Cover: Babs Tarr


This melancholy cover by Babs Tarr has me an emotional basket-case, as with the “DC Rebirth”, the team that brought us the charming adventures of the “Batgirl of Burnside” will be moving on. I see this cover as Brendan Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, Mark Doyle and certainly Ms. Tarr saying “Adieu” to both the character and we fans who have so grown to love the lighter side of the DCU that they strove to highlight.


Writer: Amanda Conner; Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: John Timms
Cover: Amanda Conner

unnamed (1)

What else to say but this: Harley vs. the hyper-insane, over-loquacious REDTOOL! (No relation to Deadpool…much!)

BLACK MAGICK TPB vol. 1 (Image)

Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist/Cover: Nicola Scott

unnamed (2)

While I’m thrilled to have the team of Mr. Rucka & Ms. Scott doing Wonder Woman for DC, it does mean that this amazing series will be going on hiatus, so here’s a last look at the stunning art that graced this book!


Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Cover: Kevin Maguire

unnamed (3)

We have beasties both past and present menacing the Sorcerer Supreme in this cover by veteran Kevin Maguire, as isn’t that Shuma-Gorath lurking at the threshold?


Writer: Amy Reeder; Brandon Montclare
Artist: Natacha Bustos
Cover: Amy Reeder

unnamed (4)

I’ve heard of “Walking with Dinosaurs”, but rampaging through them is another matter altogether!


Writer: Ryan North
Artist: Erica Henderson
Regular Cover: Erica Henderson
Variant “The Story So Far” Cover: Dan Hipp
“Classic” Variant: Colleen Doran

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (7)

As I couldn’t choose between three fun covers, each with a cool concept, you’ll get to see the complete trio!

INSEXTS #5 (Aftershock)

Writer: Marguerite Bennett
Artist/Cover: Ariela Kristntina

unnamed (8)

In the same vein (sorry!) as Emma Rios’ Pretty Deadly work, this cover by Ms. Kristantina is both lovely and creepy!

Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week Soundtrack

Aesop Rock‘s brand-new album The Impossible Kid is out now! You can hear the record in its entirety below. Oh, and it’s all set to an animated re-telling of Kubrick’s The Shining!

That’s all, folks! Join us next week for another round of covers and an avalanche of incredible cover art!

This is a column featuring Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week 04/27/16 as chosen by Steve Seigh and Bob Reyer of Talking Comics.

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