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The TALKING COMICS PULL LIST – April 27th, 2016


Every Wednesday, the Talking Comics collective will post a mega-list of the comics they’re most excited to pull off the shelves that week. With the wide range of personal tastes on our staff here, you know there’s bound to be something worth sampling come New Comic Book Day!!!

Then, check back here on Thursday and Friday to see if the comics on the Pull List met the team’s expectations with reviews and quippy quotables!!!


New Comic Book Day – April 27th, 2016

This week’s contributors:

And lovingly edited by Joey Braccino (@joeybraccino)



Bill and Ted Go To Hell #3 – By Brian Joines & Bachan

  • I can’t wait to see what manner of time-traveling shenanigans Bill & Ted get up to next. With many familiar faces along for this adventure it’s been one nostalgic laugh after another for this series, so far. As we re-join the crew in this penultimate issue, I can’t help but wonder how Bill, Ted, and all of the other historical figures will best Napoleon and re-claim Death’s coveted throne! – Steve


Aliens: Defiance #1
Aliens: Defiance #1

Aliens: Defiance #1 – By Brian Wood & Tristan Jones

  • 4/26 is Alien Day (who cares why!) and what better way to celebrate it than with a new comic series based on the popular franchise? Brian Wood brings weight to anything he writes with political and social issues always fair game, so I’m excited to see what he can do with a new set of characters in one of my favorite sci-fi settings. I’ve been impressed with the art of Tristan Jones for some time now and knowing that he’s a real fan of Alien means lots of love will be brought to his depiction of this world. Dan Jackson is on colors, which I imagine is a challenge in this bleak and dark space. I’m ready to see what this talented team has in store for us with Aliens: Defiance! -Melissa Megan

[Editor’s Note: Because Melissa Megan is awesome, she had the spectacular opportunity to check out an advance copy of Aliens: Defiance. If you need another kick in the P-5000 Work Loader to pull this one off the stands, check out her review of issue #1 here!!!]


Batgirl #51 – Written by Brendan Fletcher, Art by Eleanor Carlini

  • Batgirl had it’s big sendoff last month so my interest in this issue stems from a curiosity as to what the nature of this–and the final issue #52–are. Not much is known about Babs post-Rebirth; I’m hoping this issue begins to plant the seeds for what we will see when a new creative team takes over the title in June. Obviously the absence of regular artist Babs Tarr will be a deterrent for a lot of people when grabbing this issue in their local store, but I’m willing to give Eleanor Carlini a fair shake. Plus, Brendan Fletcher is still writing so I’m still optimistic about this particular issue. – John D.

Batman #51 – Written by Scott Snyder, Art by Greg Capullo & Danny Miki 

Batman #51
Batman #51
  • It’s the end of an era for the Caped Crusader as Snyder and Capullo wrap up their five year run on the flagship Batman book. I began reading comics on a regular basis with the New 52 and in many ways Snyder and Capullo have defined what Batman on the page means to me. Their run has brought definitive takes on the Joker, redefined Batman’s origin and introduced great original villains who can stand toe to toe with the classics. Above all else Snyder has remained true to the core of Batman. His run is peppered with what will be remembered as all time great moments for the character and I’m both excited and scared for how he plans to wrap everything up. I expect tears to follow.  – Bobby
  • The first issue of Snyder and Capullo’s run was one of the very first I bought when I got back into comics after a hiatus and I’m so glad I was there from the start. So many things about this book throughout its run have been up there with the best you could wish to find in a comic. From Snyder’s writing, Capullo’s art with Miki’s inks and FCO Placencia’s incredible colours, this run is sure to go down as an all-time classic. This’ll no doubt be a bittersweet issue as we celebrate and say goodbye at the same time. I may get my copy laminated so my tears don’t ruin the pages. Bobby won’t be alone in getting emotional after reading this one. – HUW


Micronauts #1 – Written by Cullen Bunn, Breakdowns by David Baldeon with finishes by Fico Ossio, Max Dunbar, and Jack Lawrence (there are also 4 colorist working on this book, too)

  • Dude. It’s the Micronauts. From the late ’70s and ’80s? Toy robots and action figures with swappable parts and stuff? Alright, #realtalk, I didn’t have any Micronauts–before my time–but the art looks super kinetic and fun and editor John Barber seems super excited about the whole enterprise. Maybe I’ll dig into some hard sci-fi/toy-licensed comics properties this week. What up.  – Joey
The X-Files #1
The X-Files #1

The X-FILES #1 – Written by Joe Harris, Art by Matthew Dow Smith, Colors by Jordie Bellaire

  • I still want to believe! Back in 2013, IDW launched an X-Files Season 10 comics series overseen by show producer Chris Carter and written by Joe Harris. With the X-Files Season 11 mini-series ending last February and the successful return of the television show to Fox this past winter, you knew it was only a matter of time before IDW and Mr. Harris got back in the saddle for some more X-Files comics! Previews for this brand new ongoing series features some stunning artwork for Matthew Dow Smith and Jordie Bellaire and solicits promise that the new stories will be set in the continuity established by the latest TV episodes! Perhaps we’ll get a resolution to that CRAZY CLIFFHANGER!!! – Joey


Camp Midnight – By Steven T. Seagle & Jason Adam Katzenstein 

Camp Midnight
Camp Midnight
  • Camp Midnight finds Ben 10 and Big Hero 6 creator Steven T. Seagle teaming with New Yorker cartoonist  Jason Adam Katzenstein for a brand new adventure! According to solicits, this new graphic novel kicks off when our protagonist Skye is accidentally sent to the wrong summer camp. Not wanting to please her ‘step monster,’ Skye is dead-set on not fitting in. Sounds like a good time, right? The solicits also say that if I enjoyed Raina Talgemeier’s Smile, then this book will be a delight. Well, as big fan of her work, I can’t wait to see how Camp Midnight compares. If it’s anything like the tone, wit, and humor of Talgemeier’s graphic novel series, then Seagle and Katzenstein are sure to deliver a real treat! – Steve

Injection #9 – Written by Warren Ellis Art by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire  

  • If you haven’t been reading Injection and I simply told you what this month’s issue was about, it would probably do more harm than good. Like everything Warren Ellis does Injection is a deep labyrinth of insane ideas, well studied psychology and off kilter comic book storytelling. It’s the kind of writing that has to be followed closely and sometimes exhaustively. I can assure you that Injection is well worth the effort. If you can open up an issue of Injection and not be blown away by the work of Shalvey and Bellaire then maybe we shouldn’t be speaking. The team’s work in this techno/sci fi/ horror procedural is some of the best art I’ve seen in any book in the last two years. This is series more people should be reading. Get on the hype train!  – Bobby

Low #13 – Written by Rick Remender, Art by Greg Tocchini and  Dave McCaig

  • The plight of Stel Caine continues as she seeks to not only hold tight to the remaining members of her torn family but also to reach the surface and bring light back to her world. In this issue, we’ll see her finally get to explore what’s left of the surface. This story has held me from the start, and as Remender is known to do, he builds characters who are easy to love and to hate. The art of Greg Tocchini in this series blows my mind, it’s just gorgeous, and seeing what he creates next is what fuels my excitement for each new issue of Low. It’s one of my favorite series running currently, and emotional and brilliant work of comic book art.  – Melissa Megan
Saga #36
Saga #36

Saga #36 – Written by Brian K. Vaughn, Art by Fiona Staples

  • It’s that time once again–the final issue of a Saga arc before the team recharges their creative batteries and returns in a few months for even better storytelling. This current arc of has been yet another great addition to the ongoing saga of Saga and I don’t want to see it end, but I know it must.–John D.


Star Wars #18 – By Jason Aaron & Leinil Francis Yu

  • It’s the team-up of the century as Princess Leia, Sana Solo (?), and Dr. Aphra fight to take back Sunspot Prison from the renegade prisoners. Three women in one panel?! This is my dream come true. Sidenote: will Luke and Han deliver the nerfs without Imperial entanglement? Does this now make Han a scruffy-looking nerfherder? – Mara

All-New Wolverine #7 – Written by Tom Taylor, Art by Marcio Takara

  • This series from writer Tom Taylor is so good that I don’t even bother reading the solicits–when a new issue of All-New Wolverine comes out, I grab it. I have no idea what’s going to happen in this issue but the cover suggests a cameo appearance from Squirrel Girl so that has to be a good time right? What makes this issue stand out for me is that it’s the beginning of a new story arc, so I’m hoping I can wholeheartedly recommend it as a jumping-on point for new readers. Because everyone should be reading this series.–John D.

Doctor Strange #7 – By Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend

  • Bob will no doubt speak more eloquently than me about this one as his knowledge of Doctor Strange far outweighs mine! I’ve been having great fun with this book. It’s Jason Aaron knocking it out of the park on another book with some really funky and out there art and page layouts from Bachalo. As somewhat of a layperson when it comes to this character, I’ve felt right at home and not lost for a second during the first 6 issues of this run and it’s turning into a top-of-the-pile read every month. – HUW

Doctor Strange: Last Days of Magic #1 – By Diverse Hands [Editor’s Note: That mean’s a bunch of awesome people are credited on this book! Bob and his eloquence.] 

Dr. Strange: Last Days of Magic #1
Dr. Strange: Last Days of Magic #1
  • Fooled ya, Huw–I’m on a different track! This anthology is the companion to the regular Doctor Strange, spinning tales from various mystic spots in the Marvel Universe, including a Jason Aaron story featuring Wong, one starring Brother Voodoo by Gerry Duggan, and the introduction of a new practitioner of the arcane arts by James Robinson! – Bob

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #7 – By Ryan North & Erica Henderson

  • This is an issue of Squirrel Girl that’s going to be done in “Choose Your Own Adventure” style. Let me repeat this, and I want you to feel the enormity of what’s going to happen. Choose Your Own Adventure Squirrel Girl. You basically get to be Squirrel Girl while reading it! You can eat nuts AND kick butts! Here’s hoping there’s an ending that involves death by quicksand: those were always my favorite. -Angela

Amazing Spider-Man #11 – By Dan Slott & Giuseppe Camuncoli

  • This is a title that’s quietly been going about its business ever since Secret Wars ended and has been a really solid read every other week. Right now Spidey’s got his back against the wall with the Zodiac making life pretty bloody difficult to say the least and with time quite literally against him it’s looking bleak! I’ve really been enjoying Camuncoli’s art on this run, he draws action scenes with a great dynamism and Slott’s writing is as fun as ever. If you want to hop on to this run, which I recommend you do, issue #9 started a new arc. – HUW

Ultimates #6 – By Al Ewing and Christian Ward.  

  • Since the relaunch/reboot/reintroduction to the Marvel Universe after the events of Secret Wars, team books have been hit or miss in my opinion.  One of the massive hits though has been Ultimates by Al Ewing.  A team taking on the most impossible problems in the Universe has been good fun.  Did I mention they cured Galactus of his need to destroy worlds and he now brings life to them? This issue focuses around this “Life Bringer” version of Galactus and I’m super intrigued to see what’s in store.
Ms. Marvel #6
Ms. Marvel #6

Ms. Marvel #6 – By G. Willow Wilson and Nico Leon

  • Ms. Marvel is always one of the titles I can count on to be completely good and wonderful. Lately, Kamala has felt pulled in all different directions, dealing with her family, school, friends, Avengers duties, and just plain superheroing around Jersey. So, she does any teenager would do: she creates a bunch of clones of herself. And it goes as well as can be expected. This issue will either wrap up this plotline, or get a whole lot worse. Thankfully, I doubt it’s going to get as drawn-out as the infamous Spidey clone saga. – Angela


Faith #4 (of 4) – By Jody Houser & Francis Portela

We’re getting the conclusion of the Faith mini-series this week. However,  I suspect there will still be threads left open, since Valiant has announced a Faith ongoing will be launching in July. Faith is something fun and light, and she is us, the comic fan, living out their dream of being a superhero. I adore this character and book a lot and look forward how this arc concludes and what is next for Faith. – Adam


4 Kids Walk Into a Bank #1 (Black Mask Studios) – Written by Matthew Rosenberg Art by Tyler Boss. 

4KWIaB #1
4KWIaB #1
  • Okay, I’m cheating a little bit here. I’ve actually read this book and loved it. Rosenberg made a big splash last year with his fresh take on superhero deconstruction in We Can Never Go Home and he’s back this year with 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank.  The first issue presents one of my favorite tropes: a group of misfits kids who need to help some idiot adults get stuff done. In this case that “thing” is a heist. It has a little Goonies in there, a little Wes Anderson and even a little D & D. This is a great start and if WCNGH is any indication, it will be one hell of a ride.  – Bobby

[Editor’s Note: Bobby may or may not have already reviewed 4KWIaB–if you want to read more about his thoughts on this brand new book from Black Mask Studios, click here!!!]


And that’s our Pull List for this week!!! If you happen to pick up any of these books, please join the conversation here or on twitter and let us know what you think! As we update the site with reviews and verdicts on these comics, we’d love to include your input!


Joey Braccino took his BA in English and turned it into an Ed.M. in English Education. Currently, he brings comics back in a big way all day every day to the classroom. In addition to proselytizing the good word of comics to this nation’s under-aged…

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