Stephanie, a fond adieu

To all our loyal fans, listeners, contributors, and everyone in the Talking Comics community of friends;

With a heavy heart, we have to announce that Ms. Stephanie Cooke, our colleague, and more, our dear friend, has moved on to pursue her own dreams of self-expression through projects of her own creation. In the years we’ve worked together, we as her co-hosts at Talking Comics and The Missfits have come to know a remarkable young woman of intelligence and compassion (with a side of sass!), who has graced each of our lives with moments that showcased her special qualities, as in those rare instances when the Talking Comics crew inhabited the same space, such as this one at a New York Comic Con:
When added to her innate drive to move ever forward, these attributes will ensure that any venture that Stephanie embarks on will be something to pay heed to, and we wish her more-than well, cheering her every success as loudly as if it was our own, as she will always be a part of our Talking Comics family, and in a special place in our hearts.

Although we may be on divergent paths for the nonce, let it be said here that wherever these roads cross in the future, we will meet as the friends that you’ve heard through all our past adventures together.

To Stephanie, may all your journeys be happy ones.
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