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Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week 04/06/16

Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week 04/06/16

Hey, thanks for checking out Talking Comics: Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week!

You’ve got to admit, New Comic Book Release Day is pretty much the best day of the week. It’s the day we’re introduced to new worlds, are able to witness the next chapter in a continuing saga, or fall in love with a character or creator for the first time. I could go on and on, but I think you’ve already gotten my point. That point being … comics are awesome. So awesome in fact that even the covers of them are often times incredible works of art. We’re here to show you some of our  favorite covers each week! So go ahead and take a few moments for yourself (haven’t you earned it?) and feast your eyes on some truly inspired comic book covers!


Steve Seigh’s Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week

Vision #6

Written by Tom King

Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta


SPOILER! This is actually concept art from the ending of the planned Fallout 5! 😉

Grizzly Shark #1

Art by Ryan Ottley – Ivan Placencia


Ha ha ha! WTF? Cue the Jaws theme and let’s buy this sucker!

Spider-Man 2099 #9

Written by Peter David

Art by Will Sliney

Cover by Francesco Mattina


What a devastatingly beautiful cover. I love the mostly white coloring against the faded black of Miguel’s spidey-suit. And the way they’re holding hands? Ugh! I think I need to go and find some tissue, quick!

Spider-Man #3

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art and Cover by Sara Pichelli


D’awwww! I totally would ship the heck out of these two! Make it happen, Marvel!

Spider-Women Alpha #1

Written by Various

Art by Vanessa R. Del Ray


Seeing these three on a cover together always makes my heart skip a beat!

Bob Reyer’s Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week


Writer: Cameron Stewart; Brendan Fletcher
Artist/Cover: Babs Tarr


In what may be my last chance to highlight the work of Babs Tarr due to the DC “Rebirth”, what better image to close with than this one, right?

MISS FURY #1 (Dynamite)

Writer: Corinna Bechko
Artist: Jonathan Lau
Cover: Tula Lotay

unnamed (1)

I’m very wary about this new series, as Dynamite’s last attempt at a Miss Fury series was, to me at least, a Miss-fire (sorry, but see my pieces that compare the original to the new!), but this Tula Lotay cover is gorgeous!


Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Marguerite Sauvage
Cover: David Aja

unnamed (2)

David Aja’s covers for this series make me yearn to see him do the interiors for an issue…or ten!


Writer: Ta-Nahesi Coates
Artist: Brian Stelfreeze
Cover: (Boy, are there covers!)

There are a dozen covers for this issue, and they’re all super, with each sure to find favor with someone! Here are a few of mine:


Brian Stelfreeze Regular Cover

unnamed (3)

Mark Brooks Midtown Comics Variant

unnamed (4)

Sanford Greene Variant

unnamed (5)

Brian Stelfreeze Design Variant

unnamed (6)

…and just because…

Felipe Smith Variant

unnamed (7)

Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week Soundtrack

Gore, the latest album from Deftones is out this Friday! Here is their latest single off of the new album! Enjoy!

Look for a full review of Gore tomorrow here on Talking Comics!

That’s all, folks! Join us next week for another round of covers and an avalanche of incredible cover art!

This is a column featuring Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week 03/16/16 as chosen by Steve Seigh and Bob Reyer of Talking Comics.

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