Shoot, Quick! Episode 16 (Supergirl S1E18, Flash S2E17, Arrow S4E17, Legends S1E9)


Shoot, Quick! Episode 16!

Welcome Back, Quick-Shooters!
Here we go… Back to Full Schedule!
Join us on our virtual couch as the four fabulous friends discuss the first Inter-Network Crossover!
Will World’s Finest Deliver? How much will the timeline get screwed up in Flash?Just what is the deal with This Bee Lady on Arrow? Will we ever get a good Ra’s on Legends or any other Berlanti-verse show?
All this and more discussed in the latest episode of Shoot, Quick!
Monday-Supergirl S1 E18
Tuesday- Flash S2 E17
Wednesday- Arrow S4 E17
Thursday- Legends S1E9
And as always EMAIL US! shootquickpodcast@gmail.com

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