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Shoot, Quick! S2 E11 (Supergirl S1E14, The Flash S2E15, Arrow S2E15, Legends S1E6)

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Shoot, Quick! Podcast: Four friends sit down to recap and discuss the Berlanti-verse DC shows from the week. We will catch you up on what’s happening in Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Join in on the conversation by emailing us at

Keith, Paola, Nevena, and Floyd
Welcome Back to the Shoot, Quick! Podcast as we discuss Milk around the World, Cookies and of course Supergirl and Legends! In Supergirl we attempt to figure out if James is as despicable as the current Bachelor and just what is going on with Winn and Siobhan? Over in the time stream of Legends we compare this episode with the classic film Old Yeller. How’s that for in depth analysis!

Monday – Supergirl – S1 E15

Tuesday – Flash – Hiatus

Wednesday – Arrow – Hiatus

Thursday – Legends – S1 E7

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