Shadowhunters Recap: Episode 9

Written by: Kelsey Hlavaty

Episode 9: Rise Up

This week’s recap will focus on Episode 9 of Shadowhunters which aired Tuesday, March 8th, 2016. *Worldwide viewing airs a day later. Warning: Expect massive spoilers.

Last episode, Lydia Branwell has taken temporary control of the Institute under orders from the Clave. Raphael brings Simon to the Institute because Camille has attacked him. Clary must decide if she wants to stab him in the heart with a wooden stake or bury him so he emerges as a vampire; she chooses the later. Alec asks Lydia for her hand in marriage.

Simon’s quarter life crisis

The episode open with Raphael chasing after Simon in order to help him through his vampire journey – but Simon is too frustrated by his situation and refuses Raphael’s advice. He runs off just as Clary and Jace meet up with Raphael. He explains to them that Simon will only learn how to be a vampire once he’s ready. As usual, Clary does not care about the vampire ways and wants to take matters into her own hands. Jace calls Alec for help but as he is being treated for the wounds left on him from the Forsaken attack, Isabelle answers instead. She informs Jace that the Institute has been attacked and he needs to come back. Clary and Jace decide to separate so they can deal with their different problems. Back at the Institute, Magnus Bane begins to put up extra runes to protect the Shadowhunters. Meliorn comes into the Institute and explains to Isabelle that he was called here – he does not want to discuss their relationship. However, Lydia arrests him instead, accusing him of working alongside Valentine (there was Seelie blood in the Forsaken, remember?). Isabelle tells Lydia that Meliorn has always been on their side but Lydia states that Isabelle and his relationship caused suspicion to the Clave. Meanwhile, Clary explains to Luke that she feels terrible for turning Simon into a vampire and he agrees to help her find Simon. 

Jace walks into the Institute to find Isabelle arguing with Alec over Meliorn’s situation. She wonders if the Clave no longer trusts their parents loyalty and Alec reveals that their parents were a part of the Circle. This cause Isabelle to realize that Alec, like the Clave, questions his parents intentions. Alec is angry about being a Lightwood and explains to his siblings that he is engaged to Lydia – Jace and Isabelle are obviously upset. After this encounter, Alec runs into his father, who is also upset with this engagement and questions Lydia’s intentions. Frustrated, Alec states that perhaps it isn’t Lydia who is ruining the family but rather the fact that they were members of the Circle. He leaves his father in shock. tumblr_o3rtdpwcS51qd5s0eo1_250Simon’s mother finds him in his room and hugs him, but Simon begins to hear her blood pump and almost bites her. Clary steps in just in time to ask Simon for “help” because her identity has been chosen. Even though his mother wants him to stay behind, Clary tells Simon they will always be there to help one another. He goes with her. Luke begins to give Simon advice about becoming one of the downworlders, but he’s to depressed to listen (he almost drank his mother’s blood!). He tells Clary that he is really upset with Raphael for turning him into a vampire and Clary reveals that it was her who made the decision and Simon is now upset with her instead.

Jace, Isabelle and Alec watch as Meliorn is getting questioned. Lydia asks him about the Seelie blood found in the Forsaken, to which Meliorn points out that two of the Seelie soldiers were murdered in Valentine’s lair. Meliorn also questioned how much the Shadowhunters can really trust one another as one of their own, Clary, is in possession of the Mortal Cup without her knowledge. Lydia calls a search for the Mortal Cup in Clary’s room and Jace demands Alec cut it off. Alec instead proposes that Clary should hand the Mortal Cup over to the Clave herself or he will. Jace calls Clary and warns her that the Shadowhunters will be looking for her. She marks her body with an anti-tracker rune and goes to the Hotel Du Mort, where the Shadowhunters wouldn’t even think to look. Raphael thinks their insane but agrees to take them in anyways to stay on good terms with the Shadowhunters. He puts them in a cell together to keep them from fighting with the other vampires. Insidtumblr_o3s4t2AxCS1qetpq0o6_r1_250e, Clary explains to Simon why she chose to turn him into a vampire: she wanted her friend back. At the Institute, Jace and Isabelle inlist Magnus’s help to steal Alec’s stele and save Meliorn from enter the Silent City (remember the Silent Brothers?). Using his warlock magic, he transports Alec’s stele to Jace who uses it to open the safe hiding the Mortal Cup. Magnus sends the stele back into Alec’s pocket just as they bump into each other in the hallway. Alec tells Magnus that he is engaged to Lydia, which he doesn’t take too kindly. Now that Jace and Isabelle have the Mortal Cup, they get ready to leave. As the other Shadowhunters get ready to bring Meliorn, Alec asks Lydia if she’s positive this is a good idea. She explains that she already had Shadowhunters killed under her mistake, she won’t let it happen again. 

At the Hotel, Simon is in a better mood (probably cause he’s had some blood and he ain’t hungry anymore – I’m the same). She explains to Simon that she wanted them both to be different so that they could share this new world together. Simon understands where she’s coming from. Isabelle and Jace arrive at the Hotel Du Mort and explain to Cary, Simon, and Luke the Meliorn/Mortal Cup situation. Clary offers to form an alliance between them all (shadowhunters, vampires, seelies and werewolves). Raphael explains he will only agree if Simon becomes a part of his family, which Simon ultimately agrees to. Tension between the vampires and the werewolves rise as they make their way to the downworlder entrance of the Silent City. Clary steps in to explain to the two groups that this situation affects them all and they need to help each other out. The werewolves serve as a distraction for Alec, who is bringing Meliorn to the Silent Brothers and the vampires, along with Isabelle, get rid of Alec’s guards. Alone, he brings Meliorn to the entrance where he is stopped by Jace and Clary. He won’t listen to Jace, so Jace tackles Aletumblr_o3rbc6opPF1rl17i3o5_250c onto the floor, instructing Clary to take Meliorn somewhere safe. Jace tells Alec he knows that Alec’s been acting weird because he has feelings for Jace – which results in Alec denying it and attacks Jace. As he pulls out his stele to Jace’s neck, Jace tells him to kill him as he does not want to live in a world where they are on opposite sides. He asks Alec to come with him and Clary so that they can stop Valentine together, but Alec does not want to be considered a traitor like his parents once were. Jace informs Alec that the way the Clave is running things, they won’t be able to defeat Valentine; Alec refuses to help them anyways. Back at the Hotel, Clary says goodbye to Simon, who decides to stay with the vampires. Jace tells Clary they must escort Meliorn to the Seelie Court where he will be safe. Meliorn offers his gratitude to them both – and information on Valentine’s location.

Verdict? By far the best episode of the season – there is finally real conflict! I enjoyed seeing Isabelle and Jace going against the Clave’s wishes – even though they know it looks bad on their parents. Simon’s decision to remain with the vampires is a excellent character development (especially since I know what happens next for Simon!). And who can resist the extra Raphael scenes this episode? Yum!

Also, Canadian viewers, did y’all see Sav Bhandari (Raymond Ablack) from Degrassi among the Shadowhunter squad?? I yelled.

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