The Shannara Chronicles Recap: Episode 10 (Season Finale)

Written by: Kelsey Hlavaty

Episode 10: Ellcrys 

This week’s recap will focus on the finale episode of The Shannara Chronicles which aired Tuesday, March 1st, 2016. Warning: Expect massive spoilers.

Last episode, the trio had finally reached Safehold and discovered that Eretrea’s blood was the key to creating the Bloodfire. Amberle enters it while Wil waits for her. Ander finally has the faith of the elves and prepares for battle as the last of the Ellcrys’ leaves falls.

tumblr_o38fysgKQR1utfkhso2_400Once within the Bloodfire, Amberle encounters another version of herself, who tells her that it is their chosen destiny to become the Ellcrys – they are the seed. Outside this dreamlike state, Amberle hears Wil calling for her. Bloodfire Amberle warns her that Wil is an obstacle that will hold her back from her true destiny. Amberle learns that she must sacrifice herself in order to save Arborlon from the demon attack – and refuses this task.  Within Safehold, Eretrea reopens the Bloodfire to bring Amberle back and they decide to make their way back to the elf city. While trying to escape, they are followed by the group of trolls. Eretrea remains behind to battle the trolls on her own in order to give Wil and Amberle a chance to escape. Once they are above ground, they see that Safehold is overrun with trolls. However, they manage to escape anyways. Back in Arborlon, the demons are ready to attack whenever the Dagda Mor is ready. Allanon and Ander discuss Amberle’s return and how the Dagda Mor is aware of this. Ander informs the army that restoring the Ellcrys is their only chance at defeating the demons. Despite thinking Allanon killed Bandon last episode (god I wish), he is shackled in the dungeon. Catania comes to bring him food to which Bandon apologizes for hurting her and asks if she could help him move far away so he can no longer hurt anyone else. Unfortunately, she believes him and he uses her as bait to threatening the guard into giving him the keys and his sword. When the guard angers him, Bandon murders him in front of a terrified Catania. 

Throughout all this, Amberle and Wil make their way to Arborlon horseback riding over the beach Baywatch style. They see Arborlon in the distance, but find themselves right behind the demon army and decide to take cover by hiding in a cave. At this moment, Amberle and Wil confess their love for one another and make love (was this the time to do so? Probably not). At the castle, Ander kisses Commander Tilton and wishes he realized how mu

poor baby( ˃̶͈ ̯ ̜ ˂̶͈ˊ ) ︠³

ch he loved her before the “end of the world”. The demons make their way closer to the castle and Allanon announces that it is important they buy Amberle time to reach the Ellcrys. As Amberle and Wil make their way through the castle, they are intercepted by some demons but no worries, the elfstones finally start working. Allanon finds them in the forest and promises to get them to the castle safely. In the battle, Tilton faces a demon in the form of Prince Arion. This distracts her and the demon kills her. The demon turns to look at Ander and asks him to help him escape this misery – Ander kills it with the Warlock sword. The lovebirds run to the castle but the Dagda Mor interrupts them. In a true Potter/Voldemort type final battle, Allanon’s magic is able to hold him back. Amberle reveals to Wil that she is the seed of the Ellcrys and to end this all, she must become it. Using the elfstones, Wil helps to hold back the Dagda Mor as Amberle enters the Ellcrys. Once accepting her fate, the Ellcrys becomes healthy again and the demons are wiped off.

The next day, Allanon visits every character, as sort of a montage to end the season. Wil is angry with him, as Allanon knew this was going to happen all along. But the druid reminds him that Magic comes with a price, and Amberle knew what she was getting into. Wil gets ready to leave Arborlon to save Eretrea from Safehold, like he promised her. Catania shows Allanon what happened within the dungeon and they discuss how they were fools to trust Bandon. The camera cuts to show Bandon, eyes black as night, holding up the sword – possibly season two’s next villain? King Ander thanks Allanon for everything, but is saddened he is the last of his loved ones. Allanon explains that Amberle watches over them all as the new Ellcrys. The episode ends with a capture Eretrea being thrown in front of the “head troll”, but when she looks up, she recognizes the face.

Verdict? Though I found this to be the perfect ending to the story, I didn’t find this episode to be its strongest. The soundttumblr_o3hrtzM1yO1v4acnbo8_250rack was a bit off and the story felt a bit rushed. Regardless, I think the finale scenes opened up a lot of questions that cannot be answered without a second season (#RENEWSHANNARA).

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