Shadowhunters Recap: Episode 8

Written by: Kelsey Hlavaty

Episode 8: Bad Blood

This week’s recap will focus on Episode 8 of Shadowhunters which aired Tuesday, March 1st, 2016. *Worldwide viewing airs a day later. Warning: Expect massive spoilers.

Last episode, Clary was able to retrieve the Mortal Cup from the tarot cards her mother left her. Simon mistakenly went to the Hotel Du Mort looking for answers but was bit by Camille. Clary and Jace kiss one another, becoming a couple.

The episode opens as the Shadowhunters discuss what to do now that they possess the Mortal Cup. Alec thinks giving it to the Clave is their best option, but Clary needs it to find her mother – which Jace agrees. Alec decides to trust her and keeps the card safe in the Institute. Clary finally calls Simon back, considering he called her about ten times the last episode. She’s interrupted by an alarm going off which notifies the Shadowhunters of a demon presence around the Institute. They run outside to investigate and find Raphael carrying a limp Simon. Raphael explains that the other vampires had nothing to do with this attack; it was only Camille who broke the Accords. He does not want any trouble with the Shadowhunters and is willing to help them. Simon’s not dead yet – he’s a fledgeling. This means Clary’s faced with an ultimatum: let him die or give him the chance to turn into a vampire. In Chernobyl, we see Valentine speaking to his sleeping ex-wife when a member of the newly reformed Circle come in. He informs Valentine that his daughter has the Cup but there’s a catch, the girl’s under Luke’s protection.

tumblr_o3fwam4Du41subssjo7_250At the Institute, the Lightwood parents inform their children that the Clave no longer trusts them and are sending a Shadowhunter to check on things. The parents ask them to please not embarass them. Speaking of things going wrong, Clary begins to wonder what is the best decision to help Simon. If she buries him with the intention of turning him into a vampire, it is possible he could not re-emerge and will remain underground, starving for eternity. However, if she wants to kill him and give him a real human death, she must stake him through the heart. When Alec is explaining to Max that he must behave this week, Valentine walks into the Institute. Fret not! It is Lydia Bradwell, master of disguise – er, runes it seems. The Clave requires her to take temporary control of the Institute. Remember that Circle member? Well, he brought to members of the Forsaken with him to attack the Chinese restaurant the werewolves hang out at. Meanwhile, Clary struggles to tell Simon’s mother about her son’s death. Back at the Institute, Alec shows his mother and Lydia pictures of the Forsaken and, along with Lydia, go off to the Jade Wolf to investigate. They examine the body and note that the Forsaken was a human before, who was marked with the runes of the Circle. Believing it’s Valentine’s work, they must take it to the Institute to have it examined by Magnus Bane. Lydia suggests they put more extra runes around the Institute as Valentine might come looking for ex-members of the Circle. Lydia reveals that Hodge is not the only ex-Circle supporter, but the Lightwoods as well. This upsets Alec, as it should. Jace and Clary wind up at the Jade Wolf, and Clary explains her situation to Luke. This reminds Luke of when he was turning into a werewolf and Jocelyn refused to kill him. He tells Clary that her mother never abandoned him after he turned into a downworlder, and that this always stopped him from committing suicide. He tells Clary that Simon’s journey will not be easy for him, and she should be 100% certain about this decision.

Isabelle Lightwood, forensic pathologist

They meet up with Raphael who tell them it is time to make a decision about Simon. At the Institute, Isabelle and Magnus examine the Forsaken corpse together. Isabelle accidently reveals that Alec might be forced into marriage. Magnus leaves her alone in the examination room to find Alec, who is alone boxing and letting off some steam. Alec explains to Magnus that he feels like he cannot trust his parents decisions; everything he’s come to know is a lie. Magnus gives Alec the preliminary medical findings and tells him to live for himself, no one else. Lydia tells the Lightwoods that the Clave will take over. The Lightwood parents are very upset by this. In order to fix things with the Clave and Lydia, Alec offers her his hand in marriage – this way they can both run the Institute. Isabelle figures out that the Forsaken have nephilim blood in them in order to enter the Institute unnoticed. She makes it just in time to find Hodge battling one. Raphael, Jace and Clary reach the cemetery and are interrupted by Camille and the rest of the vampires. Raphael tells his friends that Camille keeps breaking the Accords and it will only cause further problems for them in the future. Winning over the rest of the vampires, they attack Camille. Clary takes the shovel from Raphael and begins to dig Simon a vampire grave, placing his bar mitzvah around him. When he rises, Raphael gives him blood so that he may come to be. Clary reveals to him that he has become a vampire. Severely upset, Simon runs away from themtumblr_o3iqjx9G0E1ucc2f2o1_250.

Verdict? An okay episode overall. I love that Simon has become a vampire and I am extremely interested in seeing this character develop. The inclusion of Lydia will also (hopefully) make for an intriguing plotline. I am growing tired of the acting though. Other than Alec and Isabelle (that I can somewhat tolerate), the rest need to drastically improve.

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