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Another Castle #1 Advanced Review

Another Castle #1 
Story By: Andrew Wheeler
Art By: Paulina Ganucheau
Oni Press Comics
Review by: Kelsey Hlavaty

Another Castle #1 finds a young princess named Misty, who, like you and me, is tired of the same old princess-in-a-castle trope. Instead of following her duties of “smiling and marrying”, Misty goes on an adventure all her own.

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This first issue introduces readers to the kingdom of Beldora, reigned by the (handsome) King Thomas the True and his daughter Princess Misty. The story begins with Misty informing her father of Shadowlings roaming around the castle spying on them and Misty takes it upon herself to defeat them. Unfortunately, her father informs her that this is not what princesses are supposed to do. Fed up of the patriarchy (and all other things oppressing the princesses), she goes out for a walk to soothe her mind – only to be captured by the evil King Badlug of Grimoire. Realizing she is the only one who can stop him, Misty takes matters into her own hands.

Wheeler’s thoughts on leaving the damsel trope behind is very prevalent throughout this first issue. He writes Misty perfectly; she shows readers (young and old) that a hero can be pretty, girly and strong all wrapped up in a beautiful pink gown. Speaking of pink gowns, can we talk about Ganucheau’s art?

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Ganucheau never shies away from bright colours and gorgeous art that mimics your typical fairytale animation. She draws Misty with a variety of emotional facial expressions that are very often strong. Despite the fact that Misty finds herself in damsel-y situations, Misty’s sense of heroism and confidence shines through Ganucheau’s artwork. (I could honestly gush all night over how cute her art is so I’ll stop while I’m ahead.)

Buy it, of course! Are you enjoying comics like Batgirl, Patsy Walker or Zodiac Starforce? You will definitely be hooked with this first issue! Wheeler writes the perfect princess and hero story – where the princess is the hero. Looking for a comic that portrays a strong heroine who is both girly and tough with fantastic art? Another Castle is perfect for you! So go on down to your favourite comic book store/site/any other way you buy comics on March 2nd and support this great creative team!

Kelsey is a lover of all things comics, videogames, anime and anything else that churns that geeky butter. Starting from a young age, Kelsey was introduced to Star Wars and Spiderman, which began the obsession. Having just graduated from Anthropology at…

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