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Why You Should Watch the New Lucifer TV Show

With so many TV shows being made based on Comic-book characters it is hard to watch or keep up with all of them at once, but let me tell you why Lucifer is going to stand-out from all the rest and why you should be interested in his new TV Series.

First let me give you a run-down on who Lucifer is:

Lucifer Morningstar was created before the whole DC multiverse was created, him and his brother Michael Demiurgos were created by Yahweh (God of DC) who instructed the two on how to use their powers and through this they formed the DC multiverse. Lucifer was in control of Hell and rule over it, but after 10 billion years of governing hell, he finally had enough and left hell and escaped to Earth, and this is where the TV Series starts, when he arrives in Earth.

1. He is one of the Most Powerful beings in the DC multiverseLucifer16

Being the modern-day representation of the devil, he is considered one of the strongest beings, and has a long list of powers, to name a few Darkforce Manipulation,Darkness Manipulation and Dimensional Manipulation. Not to mention that he is immortal and cannot be killed by mortal weapons and injuries. His immortal power is, one of the main powers used in the TV Series as we can see from the Trailer that we had go, and plays a major role in the plot of the story; also the power to reveal peoples greatest desires is used in the trailer, which looks amazing in the trailer, and cant wait to see what Fox can do with this.




2. It is being made by Fox

Fox have made some of the funniest and world-famous TV series including the Simpsons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl. With that being said, Lucifer seems to captivate that momentum and appears to be comedic and can appeal to a wider audience, with references to modern pop-culture and also other characters in the DC Universe, Lucifer will appeal to many. Fox have also made some very violent and gruesome shows like Gotham and Empire. Gotham also being based on DC’s Batman is a dark and gritty show, which shows the life after Bruce’s parents death. Lucifer will be violent and gritty and in such will appeal to violence lovers, and an audience that like spiritual/mythology genre with Lucifer always referencing his “Father” and an angel that was sent to come back for him. Fox will capture all of this in one Show, this may be one of their biggest shows that they have made…


3. Based on The Main Plot of Lucifer ComicsSandman_4

Fox has based this show on the main plot of the Sandman Issue #5 , but changes it up, so it would be more “Realistic” or “Appealing” to a wider audience, we are still shown the events that occur after Lucifer leaves Hell and we are shown the consequences. Lux the club that Lucifer owns is essential in the show and is shown in the trailer, and that is where the start of the plot unfolds. This will be appealing to the audience that have been fans of the Lucifer for a while and will seem familiar to them. There seems to be a romantic interest in the trailer and this is a slight change from the plot but will not change anything to make “Veterans” criticize or hate the show.





Did you Know?

  • Lina Esco was Firstly cast for the role of Maze, but this was changed after the pilot was released, which seems like a great idea but we will see.
  • Lux is the Bar owned by Lucifer in the comics, and it is a main plot area in the Show, and in Latin “Lux” means light which connects to the name of Lucifer, “MorningStar”. The Comic creators are super good with the play on words and connecting themes.
  • If you are familiar with L.A. then there is some irony in the placement of Lucifer’s nightclub Lux since its next to the El Capitan Theatre; in real life, the space is occupied by the Disney Soda Fountain.
  • Rachael Harris (Linda) and D.B. Woodside (Amenadiel) previously worked on the T.V show Suits (2011) in seasons 2, 3 and 4.

These are the main reasons you should watch the show, but be sure not to be captured by Lucifer’s charm, get too close and your deepest desires will be revealed to the world…

Hey there! I am a 18 year old male, unfortunately i have no superpowers (sigh) but i believe i have a gift with Languages and speak 4 (nearly 5) and aspire to be a Gaming Journalist. I love anything gaming or comic-book related.

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