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TC Streams: Helldivers

Welcome to another TC Streams!  Today I decided to willingly dive into Hell with Helldivers.  Well, not actually Hell so much as an alien world filled with things that want to kill me.  Same difference! Helldivers is a top down, twin stick shooter that is known for being hard.  Of course that means I’m bringing three friends (Nick, Andy, Lazz) with me on this adventure.  Did i mention we’re in giant mech suits?  Ones that aim really badly? Oh, and friendly fire is always on?!?!  What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything you could think of!  You join us below in the middle of a mission we felt pretty good about.  We have little success and lots of laughs.  Check it out, and thanks for watching another TC Streams!

If there is a game you’d like to see one of us stream, reach out to us below and let us know!

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