X-Files Epic Ep Countdown: Day 14

The X-Files returns to the Fox network in two weeks for a six-episode event. In honor of the homecoming I am reminiscing about one of my favorite episodes each day until the grand premier.

Today’s X-Files Epic Ep pick is:

“3” Season 2, Episode 7

My reasons for choosing this episode are a bit personal because it’s about vampires and I love vampires. Let’s clarify that my interest in vampire lore in VERY pre-Twilight, and that when I say vampire, I mean a carnivorous one. Sans sparkles.

This episode follows Mulder as he investigates a series of murders in which the victims were bitten and drained of their blood. “3” refers to the unholy trinity believed to be responsible for the crimes. The question is whether or not they are human.

This chick drinks blood.

This episode is a bit campy. But it’s very old and it’s the X-Files and it has vampires, thus, it gets a pass from me. The opening scene has a little sex and a lot of violence, and reads more like a horror story or cop thriller than a weekly TV show. That was the joy of the X-Files one-offs or “Monster-of-the-Week” stories. The viewer got a beginning, middle and end, and didn’t have to follow or remember the intricacies of the overarching alien abduction cover-up plot.

The second coolest thing about this episode, in my nosferatu-biased opinion, is that Mulder hooks up with a suspect/witness. To my knowledge, she’s the only woman he sleeps with on the show, and she drinks blood, no less. She’s played by actress Perrey (not a typo) Reeves, pictured left, and she does a great job being all slinky and swoony and deep.

The episode ends, as per usual, with all evidence of everything that happened being destroyed. And the world shall never know if vampires are real…

Other cool/noteworthy  stuff in this ep:

Be there. Fox channel. January 23rd.

Will the X-Files return ultimately fill us with joy or let us down horribly, like some other TV and movie comebacks that shall remain nameless? Give us your thoughts in the comments!


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