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Jacqui’s Top Ten Games

When compiling our top ten lists for the Talking Games end of year fiesta, we all use a certain set of criteria, and we each follow our own rules.  It allows the flexibility to credit games that we personally enjoyed this year.  They may be hidden gems we only just discovered, or games that have long been on the backlog and we finally got around to jumping into.  Some games are released so late in the year that we aren’t able to put sufficient hours in to seriously consider them for Game of the Year.  Some of my entries are also games that are only just receiving a release onto a platform I use.  So without further delay, here is my list of the top ten games that rocked my world in 2015;

1)The Witcher 3 : The Wild Hunt 

The sheer scale of this game is impressive, but add in a well written narrative, beautiful graphics, and a combat scheme that is both complex and accessible, and you have my game of the year.


2)Until Dawn 

An experience as much as it is a game, the most fun I had playing a single player game this year.


3) Rise of the Tomb Raider 

The reinvention of Lara Croft continues in this engaging sequel that offers more of what was so great about 2013’s reboot, as well as doing it bigger and better.


4) Bastion 

I had heard so much about this game, and its 2015 release onto PS4 allowed me to experience it myself for the first time.  The atmospheric original soundtrack is the standout feature of this combat/platformer combo game.


5) Shovel Knight 

Another older game receiving a PS4 release, I spent many hours both jumping in satisfaction at completing a level and throwing my controller at the TV in frustration, the range of emotions all good platformers should make you feel.


6) Batman: Arkham Knight 

The most recent entry into the annals of Batman games, I came down on the positive side of the polarizing addition of the Batmobile.  Screaming around the city in a tank? Yes please!


7) Super Mario Maker 

Refreshing the most successful franchise character of all time by letting you create levels and challenge players around the world to beat them.  Another genius move from Nintendo.


8) Mortal Kombat X

Let’s be honest, this game made my list purely because of the increasingly disturbing yet morbidly amusing finishing move animations.


9) Bloodborne 

The game that’s so good, it made me mad I wasn’t better at it.  A more accessible Dark Souls title…..and if that’s true I will not be playing Dark Souls.



This was the year where AAA games stole this show for me, so this was a refreshing break, a weird side scrolling platform puzzler brought to the PS4 this year, with an ending that kept me wondering long after I finished it.


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