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The Abominable Norman: Graphic Novel Review

Published by: Paperplane 

Written by: Chrissy Lim

Art by: Teressa Ong

Review by: Kelsey Hlavaty

What was the book that helped you come to terms with who you were growing up? Mine was The Twits by Robert Dahl and since then, I always tried to smile in order to salvage myself from rotting inside out (if you have no idea what I am referring to, you will find his quote here). If you are trying to find a comic which will help you, or someone you love, come to terms with feeling a little lost – The Abominable Norman might be the perfect choice.

The Abominable Norman opens with a tale of how yetis came to be: essentially, a gorilla and a snowman fall in love to create the yetis (and they’re rare because, how often does this happen? Right?). Norman, our yeti, begins to question his existence and who he is. He decides to set off on an adventure, making new friends and learning a beautiful lesson along the way.

Chrissy Lim and Teressa Ong are one third of the indie company, PaperPlane, a multimedia studio which creates engaging visual work. Lim’s writing is positively beautiful. In the beginning of the story, she speaks directly to readers, which made me feel as though I was listening to a fable told by an elder. Her writing is poetic, and you cannot help but smile with every page. With each couple of panels, Lim throws in little quips and jokes that keep you engaged in the story. Ong’s art is both charming and stunning. She draws such beautiful landscapes behind Norman as he wanders on his adventure. Ong illustrates Norman, and all the creatures he meets, in the most adorable way, which only furthers the allure of her art. Just by Ong’s illustrations alone, you have a sense of the child-like wonder Norman has of the world.


The verdict? Buy it! 10/10! I absolutely adored the world that Lim and Ong were able to create. Readers of all ages will be captivated by the beautiful story and amazing art of Norman’s world. It is an essential to have on your bookshelf – whether you are a parent looking for a comic to share with your child or simply a adult longing for your own sense of wonder, The Abominable Norman is the graphic novel for you.

You can find other visual work by Lim and Ong (and others!) on their site here, as well as the cutest Instagram account of Norman’s adventures here.


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