Kurt Russell Could Be Star-Lord’s Dad, More Awesome

A rumor is making the rounds in tinseltown that director James Gunn may have found someone to take on the job of Peter Quill’s daddy in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — and it is none other than Snake Plissken himself, Kurt Russell.


According to a story in The Wrap and my own dream journal, Russell is in talks for the part but no meetings have occurred yet nor has any formal offer been made. Russell has recently joined the Fast & Furious franchise with this year’s Furious 7, so big-budget tentpoles aren’t out of the realm of possibility. The Hateful Eight, Russell’s newest film, is getting strong reviews and enjoying healthy buzz. With a release date less than a year and a half away, Guardians Vol 2. will likely make this announcement soon if pen gets put to paper.

Personally, I’d rather it all be as hush-hush as possible to give me a giant geek heart attack in May of 2017. But I guess they’re watching out for my health.


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