10 Times Hayley Atwell Was Perfect

My love for Hayley Atwell goes back a little bit since she was in Pillars of the Earth, but nothing could’ve prepared me for how much I would wind up adoring her after she took on the role of Peggy Carter for Captain America.

That time when Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy aka #TeamCarter challenged the Agents of SHIELD crew to a Dubsmash contest. This is a compilation video that a fan put together of all of the videos chronologically.

Hayley talking about Chris Evans’ “man boob” and the first time she ever saw him with his shirt off.

When Hayley had to get her driver’s license renewed and she came straight from set and wound up being Peggy Carter in her license photo.



Her amazing Twitter feed in which she posts all kinds of art and gifts that her fans send her (currently disabled but like, it was great) as well as some amazing photos. Here are some gems (RIP HA Twitter):







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