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Issue #211: Jessica Jones Season 1 Review

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HsvRiT4On this week’s show, the gang review the latest from Marvel, Jessica Jones on Netflix starring Kristen Ritter. The latter portion of the show is the review and features two parts: the first half is our initial thoughts without spoilers so you can listen to that if you haven’t watched the show yet and the second part of it is our specific thoughts, which DOES include spoilers. We’ll give you plenty of warning before we start talking plot points and such, so just keep that in mind on this week’s show.

Lightning Round:

Glitter Kiss, I Hate Fairyland #2, Batman Europa #1, New Avengers #3, Uncanny Avengers Annual #1, Secret Six #8, Clean Room #2, Pretty Deadly #6, Ms. Marvel #1

Book of the Week:

Spider-Woman #1, Sam Wilson Captain America #3, Huck #1

Shared Book of the Week:

The Mighty Thor #1

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