Quake #1 Review

Quake #1 

Writers: Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon

Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson

Color Artist: Jason Keith

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Review by Joey Braccino


I’ve been a big fan of Daisy “Quake” Johnson ever since 2004’s Secret War, when Brian Michael Bendis first introduced us to this enigmatic, kick@$$ agent (aesthetically modeled after Angelina Jolie in Hackers) who answered to nobody but Nick Fury. From there, Daisy went on to some amazing starring roles in Bendis’ Secret Invasion saga and Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Warriors. She’s become a mainstay in the Marvel Universe, serving as Director of SHIELD a few times and now backing up Bucky Barnes over in Ales Kot’s Winter Soldier. Through all of those stories, Daisy has always been portrayed as a self-sufficient, super-powered young woman serving the singular vision of her mentor: save the damn world, no matter the cost.

With all that in mind, it’s no wonder Quake #1 is such a disappointment.

Part of the 50 Years of SHIELD anniversary series, this one-shot from Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon does more in the way of retconning Daisy Johnson’s badassery away that to honor how intriguing a character she has become in such a short time. Gone is all of that history (the fact that she is Fury’s right hand and a Level 10 Agent is only obliquely referenced) in favor of attempting to jam comics Daisy and TV’s Agents of SHIELD Daisy into one figure.

I should have know that was the plan all along when, on the very first page, “Skye” is listed as one of Quake’s aliases. She’s also described as the daughter of Mr. Hyde and “an Inhuman woman.” Nope. #Retcon

My own gripes regarding “off-character” retcons aside, the action of the issue is barely serviceable: essentially, in a untold tale set way back during the 2010 run of Avengers, Daisy gets the call up to the A-Team. She’s shocked to be working alongside Captain America and Iron Man and the (Red) Hulk and Storm because she’s convinced she’s inexperienced and naïve and unworthy. The A-Team gets sent to some AIM location looking for weapons, Quake messes some stuff up, but really Cap wanted her to because she was the “conscience” and would make the tough calls and save some Inhumans randomly, etc.

Just no. #Retcon, yes, but also highly inconsequential and ineffective in playing the whole “She’s green, but she’s great” angle.

Even TV Quake (played by Chloe Bennett) isn’t as insecure and wide-eyed as this anymore. And don’t get me wrong, I’m f**king PUMPED that “Skye” was revealed as Daisy Johnson, because I know how f**king bad@$$ Daisy Johnson is supposed to be.

Somehow, this comic totally forgets that as it tries to retcon the crap out of the character.

At least the artwork is alright…


Skip. Bottom-line is that Quake #1 is a shoddy take on an amazing character. Check out 2009’s Secret Warriors for a real celebration of SHIELD.

Joey Braccino took his BA in English and turned it into an Ed.M. in English Education. Currently, he brings comics back in a big way all day every day to the classroom. In addition to proselytizing the good word of comics to this nation’s under-aged…

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