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Talking Movies: Alex Garland Interview

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Welcome to a very special episode of Talking Movies!

On this special one-off we get a few minutes to chat with writer/director Alex Garland, whose new film (and directorial debut) “Ex Machina” hits theaters wide on April 24. Garland, whose previous writing credits include “28 Days Later,” “Sunshine” and “Dredd,” answers a few questions about his first time behind the camera, working with Oscar Issac and Domnhall Gleeson and the nature of artificial intelligence.

Bookending this are Chris, Nick and Brian talking a little bit about those previous films and what Garland’s work means to them. Please enjoy this special Alex Garland interview episode!

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Chris can be found on Twitter at @OllieTwist36.

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Thanks again for listening to our Alex Garland interview!


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