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Uncanny Cosplay #1

Let’s face it, we all wish we could be the characters we love. While we may never have super powers, some hard-core fans set out to dress up as those characters by crafting amazing costumes, armor, and props. We call these sartorial stars cosplayers. Cosplay allows fans to have a creative outlet and show off their impressive skills. Every week, I look for jaw-dropping and creative cosplays around the internet and share them here. So get your peepers ready because here are some of the best cosplays for this week:

This Supergirl is ready to save Metropolis from every danger imaginable. Cosplay by Li Kovacs. Photography by Al Lin
Check out these fantastic Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy pirate cosplays. They’re going to steal your heart and your loot. Based on the artwork by No Flutter. Cosplays by Harlequin and Hazel.
This beautiful Scarlet Witch is enchanting. Love the photo effects here. Cosplay by KOCosplay. Photography by M1Photo.
Check out these spot-on Rogue and Gambit, featuring amazing kinetically-charged playing cards. Cosplays by Robyn Murphy Costumier. Photography by Deerstalker Pictures.
With cosplay, the saying “the more the merrier” truly applies. This Teen Titan cosplay group perfectly captures the essence of the team. Raven, Starfire, Terra, and Robin cosplays are by Titanesque Cosplay. Beast Boy cosplay by JK Cosplay. Cyborg by Jordan. Photography by MajinBuchoy.
This Stephanie Brown Batgirl cosplay both warms and breaks my heart. While I miss the character terribly, this cosplayer does a great job bringing her to life. Cosplay by Aigue Marine. Photography by PetitPotato.
This She-Hulk cosplayer is about to take out some court room aggression on some bad guys. Cosplay by EchoEndless. Photography by Ron Spidey.
While Tom Hiddleston makes a great Loki, this guy gives him a run for his money. This spectacular Loki cosplay is by Sylar of the cosplay group Aicosu. Photo by Soulfire Studios.
By Odin’s beard! Check out this great group featuring Loki, Freya, Odin, Thor, and Sif. Cosplays by Agfrx7. Photography by Surrealsister Photography.
Blam! Murdered ya mind with this awesome Rocket Raccoon cosplay. (Would it be a crossplay since it’s a raccoon?) There’s even a little plant cosplaying a Groot. Cosplay by Vanessa Wedge Model. Photo by Adam Woz.

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