The Amazing Spider-Man #9 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man #9

Writer- Dan Slott

Artist- Olivier Coipel 

Color Artist- Justin Ponsor

After months of previews, tie-in issues, teases and some of the most painful waiting I’ve experienced in comics, Spider-Verse is finally here! It’s no secret that I’ve been screaming from the rooftops about my excitement for this series. If you’ve heard me on the Talking Comics podcast or have been following my reviews on the lead up to this event you already know that. Thankfully I can tell you that the first issue not only met my expectations, it raised them.

Right off the bat you have to notice the art in the book. While The Amazing Spider-Man has a series of super talented and diverse artists rotating on the book, none of them look like Olivier Coipel. Having Coipel guest artist for the event was the right call. His pencils make this book standout from even its normally superb standards. This book is gorgeous from start to finish.  Justin Ponsor’s colors here are also fantastic and add much visually to the story.  They’re very warm, the red and blue of Spider-Man’s costume doesn’t pop as much in other books but feels perfectly in line with the sense of story and Coipel’s style.

The story of the book was laid out very well for a opening event issue. If you didn’t read any of the Edge of Spider-Verse lead in issues you’ll do just fine here.  You can tell that Dan Slott is enjoying himself here, introducing old fan favorites and new fan favorites on what seems like every page.  As fun and amazing as the story is for your eyes and sense of nostalgia, this is a foreboding book.  You really feel that any of the spiders could die at any minute.  There’s a palpable sense of dread when one of the Inheritors show up.  Speaking of those Inheritors, the backup story in this issue is quite excellent.  Creepy as all get out, but excellent.  After reading it you understand why these two “families” are going to war and it makes perfect sense.


Do you even have to ask? BUY THIS NOW

If you’re a superhero fan this is for you. If you’re a Spider-Man fan (long time or new) this is nirvana. The opening issue sets the stage for an incredible story, gorgeous art and loads of fun.  Go read it right now.

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