SyFy to Adapt Image’s “Five Ghosts” for T.V.

By Courtney Key

The SyFy network has announced that it is developing the ongoing Image series Five Ghosts as a pilot.

The five ghosts of Fabian Gray will be coming to SyFy soon.
The five ghosts of Fabian Gray will be coming to SyFy soon.

The comic follows the adventures and tribulations of 1930s treasure hunter Fabian Gray, who finds himself possessed by five literary “ghosts” – “The Wizard,” “The Archer,” “The Detective,” “The Samurai,” and “The Vampire” – after an encounter with an artifact known as The Dreamstone. The series launched as a five-issue miniseries through Kickstarter before being picked up by Image, and became an ongoing series in October 2013.

Evan Daugherty, writer of Snow White and the Huntsman and Divergent, will be adapting the book, which was co-created by writer Frank J. Barbiere and artist Chris Mooneyham.

Co-executive producer Matt Pizollo described the comic as “a non-stop action thrill ride with a smart, sophisticated literary sensibility,” saying “It’s really a pleasure to get to work with [Barbiere and Mooneyham] on expanding the Five Ghosts world.”

As a fan of the series, I think its pulpy, action-adventure tone could work really well on television, and I’m excited to see the pilot once it comes to air. Are you a fan of Five Ghosts? What do you think about the announcement? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Comic Book Resources

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