Fantastic Four Final Issue Announced For 2015

By Courtney Key

Marvel’s first family may be missing from the comic line-up beginning next year, according to a report first published on Bleeding Cool.

The new series of Fantastic Four launched in February of this year.
The new series of Fantastic Four launched in February of this year.

A listing by the Hachette Book Group, Marvel’s bookstore market distributor, touts a collected edition titled Fantastic Four Vol. 4: The End is Fourever with an on-sale date of June 30, 2015. The description reads “THE END IS FOUREVER! Witness the closing act on the First Family of the Marvel Universe! THE INVADERS meet the FANTASTIC FOUR as the hunt for REED RICHARDS and the missing kids of the FUTURE FOUNDATION continues. Meanwhile the mastermind behind everything unveils his ultimate plan. But how does FRANKLIN RICHARDS factor in? And how does this all lead to…The END?! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR #642-644 and the Triple Sized Final Issue 645!”

Besides signalling the book’s cancellation, the description marks a change to the numbering of the current Fantastic Four series. Currently the last solicited issue is #14, coming out in December 2014.

What are your thoughts on the possible cancellation of Fantastic Four? Are you disappointed, or do you think it’s time for the series to take a break and relaunch? Let us know in the comments or on the forums!

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4 thoughts on “Fantastic Four Final Issue Announced For 2015

  1. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but this story lends some credence to that rumor a few months ago about Marvel cancelling Fantastic Four in time with Fox’s movie hitting theaters.

    I hate to see the title go away but I think it needs to. The James Robinson-led relaunch has not been good to the book and it needs to come back stronger than ever.

  2. This is too big a book to be cancelled forever. I just hope my fears don’t come true and when this gets relaunched the FF will look a lot more like their movie counterparts.

    1. Granted, the movie hasn’t come out yet but is that really a bad thing? I love the Fantastic Four but if an African American teenager suddenly took up the mantle of The Human Torch, that might give the series the rejuvenation it needs.

      1. I don’t think its a bad thing in itself, but I don’t like it when Marvel decides to make the comic universe look more like the movies. That being said if its good then I’m not gonna complain.

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