David Ayer Rumoured To Be Favourite To Direct Suicide Squad Movie

Suicide Squad can seemingly be added to DC’s slate of movies, with David Ayer (End of Watch, Sabotage) reportedly having an interest in taking up the director’s chair.

An article posted by Variety reports that a script by Justin Marks, writer of Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li and the in-development movie adaptation of Federal Bureau of Physics is in place. Dan Lin, whose previous credits include The Lego Movie and Sherlock Holmes is set to produce.

The team have previously appeared on screen in an episode of the Arrow TV show.


The team name Suicide Squad has existed in DC Comics since 1959. Current iterations take inspiration from John Ostrander’s 1986 version. The Suicide Squad are a team of super-villains, imprisoned by the US government and tasked with taking on undercover black-ops missions in exchange for reduced sentences.

There’s no word on what the roster will be for the movie, but Variety’s article does state “all the characters included in the film will most likely have an opportunity to cross-over between other DC properties and vice versa for non-Suicide Squad members appearing in this film.”

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