Spider-Man Taking Over the Lead in Wolverine & The X-Men Title

By Courtney Key

With the death of Wolverine just a few issues away, his successor as the head of the Jean Grey School has already been announced. reported that Spider-Man will be taking over teaching duties in the retitled Spider-Man & The X-Men.

Spidey is swinging in to take over the Jean Grey School this December.
Spidey is swinging in to take over the Jean Grey School this December.

The Daily Show head writer Elliott Kalan is on script duties for the relaunch, which hits shelves in December, while Marco Failla, who previously inked X-Campus, will handle the art.

Speaking to, Kalan acknowledged the challenges Spidey will face as a non-mutant heading up a mutant school.

“He’s not a mutant, and though he may be a friend of the X-Men, he’s not a member of the family,” Kalan said. “There’s a lot of tension between mutants and an outsider whose true identity they can’t even know for sure. But before Wolverine died he made it clear he wants Spider-Man at the school, and he asked Spider-Man to go on a mission for him. Unfortunately, Logan also wanted the mission kept secret from the other X-Men, so all they see is Wolverine’s crazy pal inserting himself into their business.”

As a writer best-known for a satirical television show, it should come as no surprise that Kalan’s first issue promises some humor, with the solicitation including a tease for a battle with Sauron and Stegron the Dinosaur Man.

“Their teaming is going to be played mostly straight in that these two guys are a serious threat to our heroes, but there will definitely be a silly edge to what happens with them,” Kalan told the website. “The tone of this book is fun, exciting, light-hearted adventure, so don’t expect a grim and gritty take on Stegron.”

Kalan promised that he will focus the book on the newer X-Men, rather than established favorites.

Spider-Man's new students try to make a good impression.
Spider-Man’s new students try to make a good impression.

“The stars of this book are Spider-Man and his class of students,” he said. “We’ll see many of the other X-Men, but characters like Storm and Beast get plenty of attention. Time for Shark Girl and Glob Herman to take the main stage!”


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