Death of Wolverine #1 Review

Death of Wolverine #1

Writer- Charles Soule

Penciller- Steve McNiven 

Inker- Jay Leisten

Colorist- Justin Ponsor

Review by Justin Townson

Marvel has decided to kill off another one of it’s characters, this time it’s Wolverine. Will this death be the one that sticks? Of course not! He’ll be back eventually and you know what? I’m 100 percent okay with that. When one of the publishers decides to kill off one of it’s characters I’m okay with it. It allows the book to tell new stories and when the character eventually comes back we can pick up and go from there. So here’s the Death of Wolverine, bring it on.

I like the way that Marvel is laying this story out. It’s a 4 issue story, and each week in September will bring a new issue. No tie-in issues during the story, just 4 issues of Wolverine’s final tale. Afterwards they’ll be a few mini series that you could read, or not read, but it’s a nice change of pace to have this little mini be it’s own thing. I haven’t been following the Wolverine monthly book, but I’ve picked up through osmosis that he’s lost his healing factor. That means it’s open season on Wolverine. If you haven’t been reading Wolverine don’t be dismayed by that fact, I picked this up and fell right into place with the story. It’s interesting that of all the character deaths that Marvel has gone through Wolverine has gone unscathed until now. He’s a character that has ties in so many books, it’ll be interesting to see the affect on the rest of the books. Charles Soule is writing this, which is enough for me to have checked this out. While Soule hasn’t written any Wolverine or X-Men stories he’s one of the best writers out there today and I’m excited to see what he has in store for Logan.

Steve McNiven drew one of my favorite Wolverine stories in Old Man Logan and he’s back here with some really gorgeous work. This might be the best I’ve ever seen him with super expressive, detailed, and at times gory work. The work is so good you can feel the crunch of bone on bone in certain scenes. As someone who’s had a head injury (which Wolverine now needs to avoid) my head hurt after reading this issue. So basically it’s really good!


Buy it. Whether you hate the whole idea of killing a character off or enjoy it, you should pick this up. Charles Soule writing the end (for now) of one of Marvel’s premier characters is a big deal and worth your time. Give it a read.

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