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Fantasy Box Office Results



That went by quickly. For those who don’t know, back in April we launched the first ever Talking Movies Fantasy Box Office League. It was free to enter and a $100 giftcard (to a theater chain of the winner’s choosing!) was on the line.


There were some good buys — some not so good buys. Some surpassed expectations … and some that tanked.


All in all, it was a good ride. We will definitely be doing this next year, and maybe even a mini-league in the spring (Fast 7 anybody?). For now, look upon the spreadsheet immortalized for all to behold. International numbers, which were not part of the game, will be posted later.

SummerBO2014-page-001 SummerBO2014-page-002 SummerBO2014-page-003 SummerBO2014-page-004 SummerBO2014-page-005 SummerBO2014-page-006 SummerBO2014-page-007 SummerBO2014-page-008

Those are the numbers — but what about the results??


After a hard-fought battle, Meghan Bard is our winner with a massive $648M total. However, as a panelist on Talking Movies, she is not eligible for the giftcard! That brought it down to two gentlemen who were eligible — Bobby Shortle and Dan Simms.

SummerBO2014 Rankings-page-001

Thanks to some late-August bloomers — and splitting the money from the monstrous Guardians of the Galaxy — Dan reigns supreme and is our winner! If you’re interested in playing the next game, please email us at


Thanks for playing!




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