Sexual Abuse Case Against Bryan Singer Dropped By Accuser

Bryan Singer, director of X-Men: Days of Future Past, who was facing legal action from 31 year old Michael Egan, has had the case against him dropped. The claim accused Singer of sexually abusing Egan when he was 17.

According to court documents in Hawaii, the case was dropped in a voluntary motion for dismissal of the civil lawsuit by Michael Egan himself. Singer had a request for the case against him to be dropped with predjudice and for Egan to pay costs denied, meaning the case can be refiled at a later date. In the request, Singer referred to the claims against him as a “sick, twisted shakedown.”

Bryan Singer and his accuser Michael Egan

Bryan Singer’s Lawyer Marty Singer, who is of no relation, said “We’re pleased that it’s over. Although we would have liked the case dismissed on merits, the fact that now it’s dropped is satisfactory.”

Susan Oki Mollway, a US distrcit judge stated “any alleged damage to [Singer’s] reputation may well be ameliorated by plaintiff’s voluntary dismissal of the action”.

The withdrawal of the claims against Singer comes in the wake of Michael Egan’s lawyers, Jeff Herman and Mark Gallagher resigning from the case last month. Egan has had three previous lawsuits, for claims of sexual abuse, filed against TV executives Gary Goddard, David Neuman and Garth Ancier dismissed.


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