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by Courtney Key

BOOM! Studios has signed a first-look deal with 20th Century Fox TV for broadcast and cable projects, reports. The deal would give 20th Century Fox the first rights to produce broadcast and cable projects for any of the properties under the BOOM! Studios umbrella, which includes titles published by KaBOOM!, Archaia, and BOOM! Box.

Are the Lumberjanes ready for prime-time?

Are the Lumberjanes ready for prime-time?

The publisher has a previous relationship with the production company, having developed a pilot based on the Unthinkable series last fall. Executive producers for any projects developed with 20th Century Fox TV will be BOOM! Founder and CEO Ross Richie, and President of Development Stephen Christy. The company also plans to hire a development executive for television.

“BOOM! is one of the most creative and prolific comic book and graphic novel publishers around, with a fantastic library and an incredible pipeline of new, exciting properties,” 20th Century Fox TV’s President of Creative Affairs Jonnie Davis told Deadline. “Ross and Stephen are talented producers who share our love of big, noisy concepts and breakout characters, so we think this deal has enormous potential.”

This year BOOM! Studios is putting out 29 titles under its various imprints. Next year the number will go up to 35, making BOOM! the largest publisher outside of the Big Two, and giving 20th Century Fox a lot of options for development. The deal will also position 20th Century Fox to become a player in the comics-based television market currently dominated by DC/Warner Brothers TV and Marvel/Disney-ABC.

20th Century Fox and BOOM! previously collaborated on a pilot for Unthinkable.

20th Century Fox and BOOM! previously collaborated on a pilot for Unthinkable.

Do you have any BOOM! Studio comics you’d like to see come to the small screen? Let us know in the comments!


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