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Love comics and geek culture? Want a place to make your voice heard? Trying to build a writing portfolio? Why not write for Talking Comics?

We’re looking for people who:

  • Are passionate about comics and geek culture
  • Can regularly contribute new content to the site
  • Want to interact with one of the best and most positive geek communities on the internet
  • Work on a team that helps nurture your passion
  • Possibly gain superpowers by being awesome (radioactive spider bites have proven mostly ineffective except for in a few rare cases…)

Open Positions:

  • Geek TV Reporter – We’re looking for people to review and/or recap the geek shows that happen around the year such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Orphan Black and more.
  • Columnist – Have lots of original ideas that you want to share and discuss? We want you to write them up for us. Put your thoughts out there for people to see and have the support of the Talking Comics team and community behind you.

How to Apply:

If you’re interested in writing for the site, please send your application to stephaniecooke@talkingcomicbooks.com along with email 3 relevant writing samples of at least 200 words each. If you don’t have any writing samples, you can still apply to the site, but know that we will ask you to do a few test pieces for us.

Please include the answers to the following questions in your email as well:

  • What interests you about writing for the site?
  • What position would you like to apply for? If more than one, please list in the order of preference.
  • How many posts are you able to do per week?
  •  Are you interested in doing features/editorial/opinion pieces on geek culture; entertainment?
  • Are you familiar with WordPress?
  • What’s your favorite comic right now and of all-time as well as your favourite movie or TV show?

Not interested in joining the team but want to write a guest post? We do that too! Send in an email to us and let us know what you have in mind.

Stephanie is [obviously] a comic book fan, but she also considers herself an avid gamer, movie watcher, lover of music, board games fan (although she doesn’t find nearly enough time for them…) and being snarky. Oh, and Twitter. Twitter’s a hobby, right?…

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