Talking Movies Episode 21: The Color of Money

Talking Movies Episode 21: The Color of Money
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Welcome back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Kind of.

Chris and Brian return with Ben to get one step closer to finishing up Tom Cruise month a The Color of Money podcast. Meanwhile, the Box Office Game gets heated up, the merits of The Hobbit films is discussed and somehow there’s also a reference to Jeepers Creepers 2. You’ll just have to listen to hear all the goodness!

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3 thoughts on “Talking Movies Episode 21: The Color of Money

  1. Very nice show gentlemen, but do I have to come up there for a “Fanboy Film School” intervention?

    Seriously, you’re doing yourselves a dis-service in not having seen Robert Rossen’s brilliant film The Hustler before watching The Color of Money. The original has a tremendous depth of characterization that encompasses the entire cast of characters, and an engrossing story told through wonderfully atmospheric settings and cinematography; I’d bet that after seeing the original that the sequel will seem to you a pale knock-off.

    As an aside, I don’t know if Brian will remember, but on our old show I recommended a film to our group entitled Turn the River. Written and directed by Chris Eigeman and starring Famke Janssen, it tells the story of a female pool hustler looking for one big score so that she can extricate her son and herself from a bad spot. It’s an interesting little film, with a riveting performance by Ms. Janssen of a lead character whom you’re not entirely sure that you should be rooting for!

    1. I remember, Bob. I remember. Isn’t Famke still in that van next to the street lamp?

      Can you think of any films where you’ve seen a sequel but not the original?

      1. And she left her lights on and motor running, to boot!

        The only instance where I can recall seeing the sequel without the original would be where I missed the first six but then saw The Magnificent Seven (Sorry!)

        Seriously though, as to your question, I’ve gone the other way and tried to ignore inferior sequels–not always successfully–but I always try to catch up before seeing a sequel or remake.

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