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Issue #133: Batfleck Revealed and Saying Goodbye to The Movement

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What do we think of Ben Affleck’s Batman costume? How did The Movement end? What series do we think ended before their time? We answer these questions and tackle DC’s Future’s End, Marvel’s Original Sin, Uncanny X-Force, Cyclops, Loki Agent of Asgard, Silver Surfer, Heroes for Hire, and more in our book of the week segment! We also find time to talk sales numbers, Channing Tatum as Gambit, and the many comic book TV shows on the horizon.


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  1. Josh

    I would just like to say i love your guys’s show. Love it. But that is not all ben affleck underneath the batman suit. He is defiantly some kind of help going on underneath. Look at the hard edge in the breast area. Human muscle, skin does not do that. Just because theres folds that are visible and theres cloth on top doesn’t mean its just him underneath. Plus no absolutely no cloth can cling like that unless its wet.

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