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Talking Games Episode #3: Platformers + Dragon’s Crown = Physics

Talking Games Episode #3: Platformers + Dragon’s Crown = Physics

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Is hating on Super Smash Bros. considered blasphemy among hardcore gamers? Do the ridiculous boob physics of Dragon’s Crown distract you from a great RPG-style Beat-Em-Up? Is the new Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate worth your hard earned cash? Are trophies and achievements essential to your enjoyment of modern day gaming?

The third episode of Talking Games is here! Your hosts Steve Seigh, Bobby Shortle, Jacqui Turner, and Justin Townson share their thoughts on the announcement of Amazon’s Fire TV all-in-one device, Jacqui runs you through the sweet stages of Rayman Legends, Bobby gives you his first impressions of the latest Batman: Arkham title, Justin proudly professes his burning desire to collect trophies, and Steve shares with you the beauty, robust combat, and heaving breasts of Dragon’s Crown.

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